Xbox Series X Replenishment: Midweek Magic Or Wednesday Woes?


The Xbox Series X replenishment wheels are spinning very slowly right now. In a particularly arid time like the one we are in now – with only an occasional appearance of replenishment at an occasional retailer – it may seem futile and unnecessary, but you shouldn’t throw that towel away. As another day passes, it means that a new day could bring another chance to snag Xbox Series X stock.

To get right to the point for today, your best bets are probably Amazon and Walmart. The former is basically in “totally unreliable” territory, so having this page open and camped out is only good practice these days. Meanwhile, the latter has been touted to have action coming today, Wednesday, August 25. We’ve all seen that “reported stock happening today” movie, but, given the situation, we’ll take it.

Xbox Series X restocking – previous events, tips and advice

It’s incredibly frustrating that we’re rushing towards the first anniversary of the console’s launch and that’s still the situation we find ourselves in.

Unfortunately, so far recent times haven’t seen much in terms of restocking the Xbox Series X: Microsoft briefly flashed yesterday, Antonline did the same and GameStop is the other newer dropper. . Even the likes of Best Buy and Target just haven’t had stock in weeks, and the time since Amazon’s last restocking can be measured in months. This is all very disheartening, but it could also mean that we are increasingly likely to see a drop in these retailers to break the drought. We just have to keep trying.

In terms of general tips to remember, if you are going past the queues or virtual waiting rooms, be sure to check out the Xbox bundle lists. These larger Xbox Series X deals may be more of an upfront investment, but they last longer. We recommend going with these packs anyway, as you’ll likely get a game, or one of the best Xbox Series X headsets or the best Xbox Series X accessories as well. These are really helpful.

Xbox Series X restock offers

While getting closer to a “normal” situation with each passing week, shortages still hamper those looking for a console. As such, these places are your best bets:

Remember, you’ll want the best display to go with your new console, so check out our guides on the best TV for Xbox Series X and best Xbox Series X monitor.

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