Woolworths supermarket shoppers spot Chicken In A Biskit on shelves for the first time in six years


Chicken In A Biskit was spotted on Woolworths shelves for the first time in six years.

TikTok and Facebook have gone wild with posts about snacks in recent days after they first arrived at some Woolies stores.

See an Australian fan try the new Chicken in a Biskit above

One TikTok Video attracted 750,000 views, while Facebook posts on Chicken In A Biskit drew thousands of likes and comments.

Boxes of chicken in a biskit and drumstix in a biskit have so far been on sale in various Woolworths stores, but are believed to be on sale at all major supermarkets and convenience stores across Australia from August 11.

Facebook fans have gone wild for Chicken In A Biskit’s return to Woolworths. Credit: Meanwhile in Australia / Facebook

The snacks were taken off the shelves in 2015, but these “special edition” varieties are now back after “overwhelming fans” from fans across Australia.

And the enthusiasm of buyers on Facebook is not lacking.

“They are as good as I remember!” I bought two boxes yesterday and have already eaten one. Yum ! Said one.

Another added, “I’m literally sitting on the couch eating a whole bunch of it. Paradise.”

One more wrote: “Forget the toilet paper. Woolies is going to have to put buying limits on these bad boys! “

A TikTok video about the release has gone viral.
A TikTok video about the release has gone viral. Credit: georgiaporgiexoxo / TikTok

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