What is Portable Energy Storage Energy?


What is Portable energy storage power? The outdoor power supply is a kind of multi-functional portable energy storage power supply with built-in lithium-ion battery, which can reserve electric power and has AC output. Lightweight product, high capacity, large power, easy to carry, can be used indoors or outdoors.

Main uses of outdoor power supply: mainly used for mobile office, outdoor leisure, outdoor work, emergency relief, etc.

1, as an uninterruptible power supply for outdoor use, can be connected to mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other digital devices.

2, outdoor photography, off-road enthusiasts field electricity, leisure and entertainment outdoor electricity.

3, outdoor lighting electricity.

4, mine, oil field, geological exploration, geological disaster rescue emergency electricity.

5, telecommunications department field maintenance emergency electricity.

6, medical equipment small miniature emergency electricity emergency equipment.

7. Increase the endurance of UAVs in outdoor operation and improve the efficiency of UAVs in outdoor operation.

8, the car emergency start.

What equipment is applicable?

1, 12V cigarette lighter port: car charging.

2, DC 12V/24V port: UAV, vehicle-mounted products, POS machine, laptop computer, mobile hard disk box, projector, electronic refrigerator, digital photo frame, portable DVD, printer and other equipment.

3, USB/Type-C port: smart phone, tablet, smart watch, digital camera, projector, e-reader.

4, AC port: camping lamp, small rice cooker, small hot kettle, small table lamp, fan, juice machine and other small electrical appliances.

The charging methods of this type of products on the market are mainly as follows: AC charging, solar charging, car charging, Type-C charging.

The charging methods of this type of products on the market are mainly as follows: AC charging, solar charging, car charging, Type-C charging.

Solar energy charging

Combined with a portable solar panel, an outdoor power source can be used to recharge electricity wherever the sun shines. A 400W solar panel can fully charge an outdoor power source in four hours, providing a steady stream of electricity for a variety of devices. In addition, the outdoor power supply adopts general input interface, which can be compatible with a variety of solar panels on the market. Of course, there are products on the market that allow several solar panels to be connected and charged at the same time. Some can simultaneously support a maximum of 6 x 110W solar panels for charging.

AC AC load

Wherever AC power is available, it can be charged through an AC port. The charging time for similar products of the same capacity level in the market is 6-12 hours.

car batteries

Driving users can charge via car charging port, but compared to AC charging, car charging is slow, usually about 10 hours to full.

Type-C charging

If the product has a Type-C input port, you can charge it through this port.

It can choose conventional charging or solar charging according to different using situations, can provide 100-240V super large power AC output, and is configured with 5V/9V/12V and other output modules DC, not only can emergency car start, but also suitable for emergency use of various types of loads

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