What is Little Lad’s “Berries & Cream” on TikTok?


No, that berry and cream obsessed Lord Farquaad-sportin ‘Little Lad haircut was not a dream of collective fever.

Millennials may remember that in 2007 Starburst ran an odd commercial featuring a little British boy dancing and singing about their new-era Berries and Cream fruit candy flavor. With his Peter Pan collar and bobbed hair, the little boy clapped and shouted as he sang the new flavor.

It was special. It was scary. And it was hilarious.

The bizarre ad, which remains one of the wackiest commercials of the 2000s, might have been lost in time, if it hadn’t been so memorable due to its weirdness. (Likewise, you might remember the surreal, singing ad of the Spongmonkeys from Quiznos or the grotesque “Skittles Pox” ad.)

Now, 14 years later, an unlikely berry and cream resurgence is taking place, and Little Lad has suddenly been screened on our social media calendars – specifically TikTok’s FYP (for you page).

Here is the Little Lad “Berries and Cream” trend, explained.

What is “Berries and Cream” on TikTok?

If you are active on TikTok, you may have seen users uploading videos to the song “Berries and Cream”. The audio is taken directly from the Starburst commercial.

Sometimes the trend involves people clapping and doing a little jig similar to the original dance as they mimic the character’s wild enthusiasm for … well, you know; other times people use audio to make fun of their own hair or boyish outfits.

The trend seems to come from January 2021, when podcaster Justin McElroy uploaded a video with audio and asked users to share their best take on the beloved dance and the goofy boy behind.

“Please make great art with that sound, that’s what we all need,” McElroy wrote.

It took seven months to figure out, but now the audio has been used in over 75,000 TikTok videos, including some celebrities!

Who is the little boy?

The person behind Little Lad is called Jack Ferver. Considered to be in his forties, Ferver is a writer, choreographer and director. They currently reside in New York where they teach as a professor at Bard College. (They were previously on visiting faculty at New York University.) Ferver has also taught at SUNY Purchase and the Juilliard School.

Over the years, Ferver has appeared in numerous TV shows, movies, and commercials. You might recognize the Wisconsin native by his role as Nick in the 2012 series. Hunting season.

Ferver’s theatrical and writing work has been described as “dark humor”. According to their official biography, they enjoy creating works that focus on “a range of psychological and socio-political issues, particularly in the areas of sexual orientation, gender, and power struggles.”

What happened to the little boy?

After Starburst advertising ceased in the early 2010s, love for Little Lad continued to spill over into pop culture. YouTubers and producers created countless remixes and mash-ups from the original commercial, and there was even a Little Lad-inspired workout class.

Now Little Lad (aka Ferver, in character) is officially on TikTok. Their TikTok bio reads, “I love berries and cream. Would you like to dance with me? Mom is gone.”

“A mystery … The little boy is on TikTok under @thereallittlelad,” Ferver wrote of the trending phenomenon in an Instagram post. “It’s strange. After all these years. To see a character that I created a hundred years ago … come back … of her own accord … Doesn’t that flower remind you of berries … berries ……. and what else? “

Last week, Little Lad had over 13 million views on five videos and over 467,000 subscribers.

That’s a lot of berries. And a lot of cream.

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