This photo may just spoil the upcoming Juiced Bikes e-bike launch


A teaser image posted by the San Diego-based e-bike company Juiced Bikes suggests that the popular electric bike brand has a new electric bike that is expected to debut soon.

But another photo may have already spoiled the surprise.

Juiced Bikes receives a ‘new addition’

In the official teaser photo released by Juiced Bikes, two electric bikes appear to be partially hidden.

The white and blue e-bikes are shown with big tires and suspension forks, as well as the standard 52V battery that Juiced Bikes have adopted on their lineup.

Other than the down tubes, we don’t see many frames from the bikes.

This makes it difficult to tell if these are totally new models, or maybe an update to an existing model.

In the teaser, the company refers to the model only as “a new addition to the Juiced range!”

Can you tell what type of bike it could be from the teaser image below? The good news is, you might not have to wait long.

While the teaser leaves much of the bike to the imagination, a photo posted by a Facebook user on the company’s Facebook page may have just revealed the entire bike – or better yet several of them.

Photo shows what appears to be four Juiced RipCurrent Electric Bikes with a step by step frame that is still invisible. Two of the bikes feature the Juiced RipCurrent rack, helping to better identify the model.

The two bikes in the truck bed appear to match the two bikes in the official teaser photo released by Juiced, while the other two bikes on the rear rack were likely used in additional marketing shots.

All four bikes have their batteries removed, which is standard procedure when transporting an electric bike. It both lightens the bike and eliminates any risk of damage to the battery if the bikes are dislodged.

There are no details or background associated with the photo, but it may have been taken during a marketing session to photograph the new models.

An update to the RipCurrent line would make sense for Juiced.

The RipCurrent is the company fat tire head electric bike, with a 750W continuous motor, hydraulic disc brakes and a top speed of 28 mph (45 km / h).

It’s a big bike though, and that can make assembly difficult for some riders.

Step-through frames are much easier to use for riders with mobility issues or for anyone who has trouble swinging one leg on a full size bike.

The announcement of the new model would quickly follow in the wake of another Juiced Bike reveal, the Scorpio X.

The new Scorpion X was revealed last month, replacing the previous base Juiced Scorpion electric moped and improving its performance.

It’s not yet clear exactly when this new stepper model will be released, but Juiced Bikes had better hurry if they want to beat other high-profile e-bike announcements that are expected soon.

Popular budget e-bike company Lectric eBikes plans to unveil a new generation of $ 899 Electric XP electric bike next week, as revealed in a similar announcement on Tuesday.

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