The CHUM food shelf needs help for Thanksgiving


DULUTH, Minn.- The CHUM food department is asking for help as the holidays approach.

The CHUM plans to distribute 300 complete Thanksgiving meals to people in need and is soliciting monetary donations from the public.

The Duluth Food Department held a press conference earlier today asking for help as more people come to collect food during the holidays.

Last year, hundreds of people came to the CHUM for a Thanksgiving meal, including more than 450 children and 65 seniors. And with the recent increase in the cost of food, making Thanksgiving boxes that will provide ingredients for meals is getting more and more expensive.

“CHUM always wants to do that is to provide those everyday things that they are sometimes beyond the reach of many of our friends and neighbors, and to make it feel more like a general thing that everyone deserves. to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. “

Holiday boxes will include ingredients to prepare a Thanksgiving meal. A turkey, potatoes and vegetables are among the many items. It is estimated that the ingredients needed to prepare 300 complete Thanksgiving meals cost around $ 18,000. And that is why the CHUM is asking the Northlanders for help.

“We learned through it all that there was a huge problem with the barriers to buying food for people, to accessing the food aisle, for people waiting to have food on the shelves. food departments, and the CHUM’s objective and mission is to break down these obstacles. and come in, make things as easy as possible.

In addition to needing donations, the CHUM’s food department is expanding with a new CHUM-2-GO delivery system.

Food department staff have noticed accessibility issues for some of their recipients due to the ongoing pandemic and transportation disparities.

The new delivery system will bring up to 20 boxes of food to different locations in Duluth every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Each Tuesday they will be at a new location, rotating the four zones each month.

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