The Best Shelves for Vinyl Records: LP Shelving, Stacking, Storage


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Get your records out of the floor, out of the closet, or out of that undersized shelf where they’ve been sitting awkwardly for years. There are plenty of full-size shelves available these days that can safely hold your entire treasured collection of LPs, giving you alphabetical (or however you like) access to easily find the one you want to listen to. , choose , and place it on the turntable.

You don’t have to be a big collector either. Even if you’re just a casual record lover or inherited a band from a friend or relative, you’ll still need a place to neatly store those records to take some. long term care. The best vinyl shelves keep everything in one place and neatly stacked or organized.

What are the best vinyl shelves?

When shopping online for the best vinyl shelves, think about what your future collection might look like in a few years. A small shelf can hold everything you own now, but if you’re still collecting or just starting out, opt for a shelf with a lot more space than you need right now. Record collecting is an endlessly fun hobby, whether it’s treasure hunting at local thrift and music stores, flea markets, garage sales, or searching for that rare and long lost on eBay, and you’ll want to make sure you have a shelf to comfortably hold everything without damage.

There are all kinds of different sized shelves, but we’ve narrowed them down to our four favorite picks here. These are simple to set up, have a wide range of space and actual shelving (as opposed to check-in boxes), and can also provide additional storage space for whatever will fit. These shelves are designed to fit a 12 x 12 album cover.

A bonus: if you find you’re happy with the shelves, but end up running out of space, buying a second and simply sliding them together can look like one giant continuous unit, keeping a neat and tidy aesthetic, and instantly doubling your storage space.

1. KALLAX shelf

Strong, sturdy, and ready to hold a whole bunch of records, this rack is a great option for any collector.

The cubes hold about 80 discs each when really squeezed, but with that many shelves you’ll probably be able to divide them. Each shelf can hold approximately 29 pounds of weight, which can handle more than just music. Users stowed clothes, large hardcover books, even board games in the extra shelves.

This can also be flipped to the side and used just as easily if you have limited space to work with.


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KALLAX shelf

2. Better Homes and Gardens Library

Solid, chunky and sturdy, this solid unit may only have four shelves, but for the casual collector, this might be perfect.

Aesthetically it’s pretty basic, but it looks a lot more professional than the stacked boxes or wired and plastic connection options out there. Each side is thick and durable, and in height, it can also be used as a bedside table.

Better Homes and Gardens 4 Cube Square Storage Shelf


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Better Homes and Gardens Library

3. ClosetMaid Storage Organizer

This six-cube unit is an ideal middle ground between the larger pieces on our list. The six shelves not only provide plenty of space for a fairly extensive hobbyist’s collection, but they also give you a large flat surface on top, perfect for a turntable and speakers, or even a TV.

Assembly is easy and can be assembled in less than an hour with all tools included.

ClosetMaid 1109 6 Cube Storage Organizer


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ClosetMaid Storage Organizer

4. Way Basics 2-Shelf Vintage Vinyl Record Storage

For a lightweight vinyl collection or a small space, this shelf may be all you need.

The Way Basics 2-Cube Unit can be assembled completely without tools and is made from durable materials while being lighter than typical particleboard models.

It’s held together by adhesives and wooden pins, which can hold up to 30 pounds, and is perfect for someone with a small turntable and only a few records they listen to occasionally. Plus, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty, and customer service responds quickly to any issues.

Way Basics 2-Shelf Vintage Vinyl Record Storage Cube


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Way Basics Vintage Vinyl Record Cube…


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