Tesco store removes champagne from shelves because people steal it

Store workers must apply additional security measures to protect themselves against fizz criminals (Photo: Triangle News)

We all know that feeling – when you suddenly decide that you really fancy a bottle of champagne one night, and you have to go to Tesco around the corner to buy some.

(Okay, I don’t, but maybe some people do.)

Either way, if you happened to go to the supermarket branch in Burnley, Lancashire, you wont find any fizzy.

Instead, you’ll find… photos of the champagne where it was on the shelves, and a security guard watching you just in case you attempt a fun venture.

Staff have removed bottles of Veuve Clicquot, Moët and Bollinger, and customers must now bring one of the pictures to the checkout for someone to collect from the store.

Apparently, this comes after a series of thefts from the store.

The chic fizz sells for up to £ 52 a bottle.

A store worker said, “It’s getting totally out of hand.

“They come in and hide the bottles in their clothes, then grab them. It’s a matter of security.

Champagne glasses on a background of Christmas decorations.  Glasses of sparkling wine.  New year atmosphere.  Christmas morning.
Staff removed Veuve Clicquot, Moet and Bollinger bottles from shelves (Photo: Getty Images)

“Customers have to take the picture of the bottle they want at the checkout and they’ll go get them one.

‘It’s crazy.’

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We have introduced additional security measures on a few items at our Burnley store after a few recent thefts.”

Security personnel are now standing in the alcoholic beverage aisle 24 hours a day.

It might be worth remembering this the next time you go out to buy a bottle of champagne.

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