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Ahana added new security features to its Ahana Cloud for Presto managed service. These include multi-user support for Presto and Ahana, granular access control for data lakes with deep Apache Ranger integration, and auditing support for all access. These are in addition to the recently announced one-click integration with AWS Lake Formation, a service intended to allow users to set up a secure data lake in hours.

Object storage provider cloudy announced HyperCare, a remote managed services offering providing complete “non-disruptive” management of Cloudian object storage in a customer’s own data center. HyperCare includes monitoring, upgrades and expansions, incident and change management, monthly service level and health reports, and a dedicated advisor to ensure best practices in operations ongoing and future planning. According to Cloudian, HyperCare frees customers from all day-to-day management tasks and allows them to consume storage resources as they would in a public cloud, but behind their firewall and under their control. Additionally, a new Support Plus offering offers advanced 24/7 monitoring for all service priority levels, plus personalized advice on software and hardware maintenance and cluster management, as well as remote support for customer upgrades.

Data Integrator Equalum announced its Continuous Data Integration Platform (CDIP) v3.0, claiming it is the first to natively support all data integration use cases under one platform. – unified form without coding, including all required Azure, AWS and Google Cloud targets. Equalum supports real-time streaming use cases as well as batch ETL, replication, and Tier 1 change data capture. CDIP provides a drag-and-drop interface for real-time data pipeline creation real and batch and dozens of new features to facilitate complex transformations and data manipulations.

Eduardo Ciliendo

Eduardo Ciliendo, former director of global sales for IBM Z, has been named vice president of global technology and strategy for the storage startup Model9. The company is expanding its VTL offering that replaces mainframe tape backup software, moving it to a cloud data services gateway for mainframe customers looking to adopt a hybrid cloud environment and make mainframe data available for enterprise applications. AI/ML and analytics in the cloud. Ciliendo was Global Product Manager for IBM Z and led the IBM Z, LinuxONE and High Secure Blockchain businesses in Asia Pacific. He was also a director at Swiss Reinsurance, leading the Enterprise Compute Services department of the world’s largest reinsurance company.

Seagate expanded its Lyve Cloud cloud storage-as-a-service coverage in Singapore to provide more services in the Asia-Pacific region. Lyve Cloud launched in the US in 2021 and now has over 50 companies in its ecosystem, including Zadara, Equinix, and PacketFabric.

Australia’s National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) purchases 12.5 PB of soft ironHyperDrive Ceph optimized appliances provide object storage for researchers with high performance computing (HPC), cloud computing and data services. NCI said SoftIron became the natural choice after a review of its Ceph-based HyperDrive appliances, which “deliver a robust array of benefits through their task-specific engineering.” SoftIron said it was setting up a manufacturing base in Australia last October.

Toshiba CEO Satoshi Tsunakawa abruptly resigned, just weeks before a March 24 shareholder vote on his restructuring plan to split it into two companies. The manufacture of hard drives would enter a so-called new spin-off from Deviceco. The plan had sparked internal opposition, according to the Nikkei Asia media. Taro Shimada is now acting CEO. Toshiba had scrapped an earlier plan involving a three-way split due to shareholder opposition. The register has more details.

Developer ReRAM Weebit Nano says its immediate goal is to partner with SkyWater Technology and move into mass production. He transfers the technology to their factory and prepares for tape-out and qualification. Weebit says chip samples will be ready later this year.

HPE Zero announced the availability of a new two-day technical training offer for resellers and end users. The content is designed for administrators and technical users who want to better understand the deployment, configuration and management of Zerto in VMware vSphere environments.


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