Samsung Pro Endurance microSD (2022) – long life and 256GB (storage review)


The Samsung Pro Endurance 2022 microSD card is available in 32/64/128/256 GB and offers U3, V30 and Class 10 speeds for 4K recording and playback.

The Pro Endurance (100MBps) is part of the Samsung microSD range of Evo Plus (130 Mbps) and Pro Plus (160 Mbps).

Endurance’s goal is to protect those precious video memories. It has a read/write capacity of 140,000 hours for use in dashcams, body cameras, CCTV, security cameras and always-on devices. The 128/256 GB comes with a 5-year warranty, three years for 64 GB and two years for 32 GB.

All sizes are water, drop, magnet, temperature, x-ray and wear resistant. Note that the 2022 model is white.

Using Crystal Disk Mark Tests peak flow. Sequential read/write speeds were 94.67/82.24MB/s – you can get faster if you pay more. Large files will choke it as there is no DRAM buffer like a portable SSD.

CPDT testing sustained read/write. Sequential read/write speeds were 90.04/77.21 MB/s and show a similar higher random read/write drop. ‘evidence’. But it is normal for flash memory.

Black Magic Disk Speed ​​Test Reviews rendered video, which is not for that, although 4K video recording/playback is OK.

Specifications and prices

  • 32/64/128/256 GB $20/30/60/90 but there are currently special prices on Samsung’s site.
  • Product sheet
  • Range page
  • Warranty: 5 years

CyberShack’s review – The Samsung Pro Endurance (2022) microSD card is awesome

I’m currently using a 64GB Samsung Pro Endurance in a 4K dash cam which fills up after a few hours of driving. It will also be great in a GoPro (GoPro Hero10 Black – goes where no other video camera dares (review), giving me nearly 6 hours of 4K recording.

More importantly, it’s Endurance. I’ve smashed so many microSD cards cheaply to get them in and out that the wear-and-tear warranty is a real bonus.

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Samsung Pro Endurance (2022) microSD card

• 32/64/128/256 GB $20/30/60/90, but shop around

Samsung Pro Endurance (2022) microSD card


  • 256 GB MicroSD – plenty of space
  • Comes with SD adapter
  • Samsung quality


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