Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus Step-Through


To take with: With an upright riding position, a true stepping frame and a semi-integrated battery, the Rad City 5 Plus is a good option for cyclists looking for a European-influenced electric bike for commuting or cycling. driving in town. The bike is equipped with luggage racks, fenders, lights and throttle assist up to 20 mph. However, responsive handling at high speeds, an overly soft suspension fork and inferior brakes take a toll on ride quality.

    • The upright driving position provides excellent visibility while driving.
    • The new semi-integrated battery is stylish.
    • Rear hub drive motor with 750W and 20mph throttle assist.
    • Rear rack, mudguard and headlights in stock.

    Price: $ 1,800
    Weight: 64.8lbs

    RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru Electric Bike

    Rad Power Bikes

    $ 1,800.00

    • Straight driving position
    • The all-purpose frame is suitable for many cyclists
    • Class 2 with 20 mph throttle assist
    • High speed nerve manipulation
    • Soft suspension fork
    • Disappointing brakes

    Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus Building Details Step by Step

    Style: Commuter bike
    Wheel size: 27.5 “
    Fork: Spring fork, 50mm travel, with lockout and preload adjustment
    Framework: Rad Power 6061 aluminum
    Motor: 750W brushless gear hub motor, 5: 1 planetary gear reduction
    Drums: 48 V, 14 Ah (672 Wh) with Lithium NMC
    Transmission: Shimano Altus derailleur with Shimano SL-TX50 shifter, 7-speed
    Crankset: 46T, 170mm forged alloy, double-sided aluminum bashguard
    Cassette: 7 speed freewheel, 11-34T
    Brakes: Hydraulic disc brake, 1r0mm rotors (front and rear)
    Wheels: Double-walled aluminum alloy rims, 36H
    Tires: Rad Power Bikes, 27.5 “x 2.0”, custom electric bike with puncture resistant liner
    Saddle: Rad Power Bikes with lifting handle
    Saddle stem : Alloy, 350mm x 27.2mm
    Handlebar: Custom formed aluminum
    Stem: Alloy Zoom, 90º angle adjustment, 90mm length
    Accessories: Plastic mudguards (front and rear), Integrated rear rack with 59.5 lb load capacity, quick release seat clamp, LED headlight, Integrated tail light with brake light

    Over the past two years, cycling has seen its highest participation increase in a generation with riders from across the country starting and riding. Now more and more people are returning to the office, wanting to drive less or just get around the city in a fun and sporty way. A hot segment for bicycles has been e-bikes, particularly commuter-style e-bikes, with several brands offering great options.

    A good city or commuter electric bike should cover a wide range of needs. Whether it’s picking up a few days of groceries, dropping the child off at daycare, sending a quick package across town before the last Fed-Ex pickup, or bringing home a pizza. and a six pack, everyone has different needs for a commuter bike; and your needs may even vary from day to day. For this reason, it is important that the bike you choose has a lot of versatility.

    radpower radcity

    Trevor Raab

    Rad Power may not be well known to many riders who only ride unassisted bikes; this is because Rad only manufactures and sells electric bikes. But even if you haven’t heard of Rad Power, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one in your neighborhood because, in just six years, they have quickly grown into one of the biggest brands of e-bikes. in the USA. Seattle-based Rad Power manufactures a line of electric bikes primarily for use in the city and commuting. Rad Power sells direct to consumers with prices for all their bikes between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000, compared to more established brands like Trek or Specialized whose commuter e-bikes sell for double or triple that price. .

    The RadCity 5 Plus is the latest addition to the Rad Power product line and features big improvements over its predecessor, the RadCity 3. The first thing you notice when comparing bikes is the improved look and design of the RadCity. 5 More. The new RadCity 5 Plus Step-Through is inspired by the styling of European city bikes and contemporary commuter bikes from other brands. Gone are the massive battery pack sitting just forward of the seat tube, replaced with a sleek and clean semi-integrated battery housed inside the down tube.

    radpower radcity
    Semi-integrated down tube battery

    Trevor Raab

    Other changes may be a little less noticeable visually, but are essential to using the bike. The rear rack has been reinforced and is now removable / replaceable. This is important because not only is the rack more sturdy, but you can remove it for a cleaner look or, if damaged, you won’t need to replace your entire bike frame.

    radpower radcity
    New rear rack

    Trevor Raab

    The RadCity 5 Plus also benefits from a significant brake system upgrade. The Bicycling test team are always a fan of powerful brakes, so we appreciate the upgrade from Rad Power to hydraulic disc brakes on the RadCity 5, over the cable disc brakes found on the RadCity 3. Also , the RadCity 5 gets new, faster-rolling tires with more flat protection and a revised suspension fork.

    The RadCity 5 has a bit more pep compared to its predecessor, thanks to an upgraded rear hub motor, rated at 750w. The range of the RadCity 5 is also increased thanks to engine tuning and new faster-rolling tires. While we didn’t have a RadCity 3 for us to compare, Rad Power claims an 11% improvement in the range of the RadCity 5 Plus over the previous model.

    radpower radcity
    750W rear hub motor

    Trevor Raab

    We had the opportunity to test drive the RadCity 5 Plus Step-Though for a day in Manhattan, as well as use it for commuting and city trips near our offices in Easton, PA. Driving the RadCity 5 seemed to me to be an improved user experience compared to other Rad Power models I have tried. Rad’s product team is clearly doing their homework, talking to riders and making improvements.

    radpower radcity
    Standard front and rear fenders

    Trevor Raab

    radpower radcity
    Standard front and rear lights

    Trevor Raab

    The most notable driving feature of the RadCity 5 Plus is the upright riding position. While there are many commuter electric bikes on the market that have a vertical styling, none match that of this bike. This provides plenty of visibility as you move through the busy streets of New York City, passing through cars blocking the bike lane and the throng of delivery people on e-bikes. The rod is an adjustable unit with an adjustment range of 90 degrees. This is ideal for accommodating a variety of heights and types of riders on the bike.

    radpower radcity
    The RadCity 5 Plus has an upright riding position

    Trevor Raab

    However, with the upright position there was a bit of a nervous and nervous handling. While the Class 2 motor reaches a maximum of 20mph of assist, it’s easy to get the bike to go much faster on inclines or when pedaling with the bike’s biggest gear. At slower speeds, this faster maneuverability allows you to weave your way through stopped cars or pedestrians, but when you are moving the bike forward quickly, it’s important to remember this handling quirk to avoid washing out a front tire.

    Although Rad Power has improved the fork on the RadCity 5, I have always found the fork to be under-suspended for my 200lb weight and tend to melt on smaller potholes or sidewalk cuts. The fork is smooth, but lacks support or preload adjustment range. Locking the fork only made the front end more difficult to control, as the weight of an electric bike prevents you from lifting the front wheel over obstacles like you would with an analog bike.

    radpower radcity
    50mm travel suspension fork

    Trevor Raab

    radpower radcity
    Locking the suspensions

    Trevor Raab

    On level ground and when not carrying a load, the RadCity 5 Plus reaches maximum assisted speed fairly quickly, but on steeper slopes or when carrying a bunch of things the engine struggles and the bike shifts. wallow. I discovered this by carrying another test bike on my shoulder; because the RadCity 5 barely made a short but steep hill on my chosen route home. If you are a lighter rider or live in a flat area, the power should be more than enough for commuting and around town.

    While the hydraulic disc brakes on the RadCity 5 Plus are a welcome improvement over the cable brakes used on the RadCity 3, these brakes serve as a reminder that there is still a big performance gap between good and inferior hydraulic brakes. normal. Those brakes used on the RadCity 5 didn’t have as much power as the brakes found on some other bikes in the segment, lacking a solid feel and modulation at the lever. Unfortunately, they just don’t instill a ton of confidence when trying to slow down the bike in a panic situation.

    radpower radcity
    Hydraulic disc brakes in stock

    Trevor Raab

    Overall, the RadCity 5 Plus is a good bike for a good price and, in many ways, a leap forward for the Rad Power brand. It is equipped with the essentials necessary for daily commuting, such as a sturdy rear rack, fenders and lights; Plus, Rad Power has a ton of different accessories to customize your bike to suit your riding needs or personal taste. While not the most powerful engine on the market, the RadCity 5’s engine has enough assistance to let you move confidently around town or get to work without your commute ending in a sweat. . The low points of the bike (such as the soft suspension and underpowered brakes) are disappointing but will likely work for lighter riders.

    radpower radcity

    Trevor Raab

    In a crowded commuter e-bike market, the RadCity 5 isn’t the most powerful and isn’t the best value, but it still has a lot to offer. If you are looking for an electric bike to replace your car for some trips or to replace your analog bike for some tasks, the RadCity 5 Plus is worth a visit. The upright position and easy-to-ride design will benefit many riders. If you’re looking for a faster bike with more powerful brakes, take a look at the comparably priced Aventon Level.

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