Quantum Introduces the F2100 NVMe Storage System, a New Solution Integrating CatDV and NVIDIA AI


Quantum Corporation, the leader in video and unstructured data solutions, announced the availability of the next generation of its award-winning F-Series portfolio with the release of the Quantum F2100 NVMe storage appliance.

The new system delivers faster performance and greater NVMe storage capacity than previous generations so media and entertainment organizations and enterprise video teams can take advantage of the speed and parallel processing power of NVMe to accelerate production workflows, rendering and processing of video and images.

The F2100 comes with the latest Quantum block storage software, which introduces a unified user experience across F-series NVMe storage and H-series SSD/HDD storage, with many new features to give customers options more flexible configuration options and better reporting and monitoring. The F2100 is fully integrated with Quantum Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) software for proactive system monitoring, and Quantum customers can now access all of these customer applications using the MyQuantum service delivery platform which has was recently announced.

The Quantum F2100 NVMe.

“The Quantum F2100 builds on what we introduced a few years ago with our award-winning F-Series platform, now used in many of the world’s largest video production environments for video processing and editing. high-speed image rendering and advanced AR/VR development,” says Brian Pawlowski, senior vice president and chief development officer at Quantum. “The F2100 comes with the latest Quantum block storage software, which is now common across all F-Series and H-Series product lines. key to a truly unified user experience across Quantum StorNext, F-Series, H-Series and our CBA software.

This leap in performance and capacity – offering up to 50 GB/s for multi-client reads, coupled with the ability to offer up to 737 TB of raw NVMe storage in a single system – will allow customers to Quantum to revamp their workflows in very demanding media. , special effects, life sciences and AI/ML applications. A single system can now easily accommodate what previously would have required many racks of spinning disk storage systems. Customers can also use the Quantum StorNext 7 File System Pools feature to create disk volumes consisting of the F2100 and spinning disk volumes to fine-tune their workflow storage for performance, capacity, and cost, all under a single StorNext 7 namespace.

New features of the Quantum F2100 NVMe storage appliance include:

  • Dual-controller architecture on 2U, 24-drive system driven by Quantum’s Unified Block Storage 2.0 platform
  • Multi-client read performance up to 55 GB/s and write performance of 20 GB/s*
  • Choice of drive sizes in 24 drive bays including 15.36TB, 7.68TB and 3.84TB for maximum raw storage capacity of 737.28TB in just 2U
  • Preconfigured RAID 6 volumes for faster deployment
  • Choice of connectivity of 8 x 100 Gb/s Ethernet ports or 16 x 32 Gb Fiber Channel ports
  • Integration with Quantum CBA software for proactive system monitoring
  • *Performance figures as measured on pre-release Quantum F2100 systems using unconstrained uncompressed fa4k video stream benchmark runs with 6 concurrent client writes

    The Quantum F2100 NVMe storage appliance is available for immediate order from Quantum VARs worldwide and will be on display at the NAB Show in Las Vegas April 23-27 in booths N4109 and N4106.

    Integration of CatDV, NVIDIA AI

    At the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Quantum will also showcase a new solution capable of analyzing and enriching video content used in broadcast, post-production, sports and other media workflows. The new solution integrates Quantum’s CatDV asset management and automation platform and leverages the NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPU infrastructure and NVIDIA AI platform. The NVIDIA Deepstream, NVIDIA Riva, and NVIDIA Maxine Software Development Kits (SDKs) are part of the NVIDIA AI Platform that provides AI and machine learning capabilities to Quantum’s CatDV software.

    “Quantum CatDV has leveraged NVIDIA GPU systems for years as part of our media transformation implementations. With this solution, customers can now add NVIDIA’s proven AI and ML technologies to their content workflows. The solution serves as a centralized platform to enable users to find hidden value in content libraries and amplify human curation like never before.”ays Dave Clack, Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Software and Analytics, Quantum.

    This solution provides customers with an on-premises alternative to cloud-delivered AI services that fully utilizes high-performance GPU hardware in a proven asset management and automation platform. Customers can automate common content markup and enhancement tasks such as recognizing objects in video images, transcribing speech to text, super-resolution video and audio, and other tools to add valuable metadata to video and image files, saving time and money, and unlocking hidden value in their media content libraries.

    This enhanced video enrichment capability was first demonstrated at the NVIDIA GTC in March, with an example challenge for sports broadcasters: finding all instances of referee yellow cards across hundreds of hours of football footage. . Once objects or actions in the video frames were identified, this content was then compiled into a “supercut” within CatDV, with fully indexed and correlated timeline markers for human expert review, potentially saving hundreds working hours.

    “At GTC 2022, NVIDIA named Quantum as an inaugural partner of the NVIDIA AI Accelerated program, which helps developers build AI applications that customers can deploy with confidence,” said Kari Briski, Vice President of Software Product Management, AI SDKs and HPC, NVIDIA. “Quantum customers will be able to enjoy world-class AI and ML with this new content enrichment automation solution, powered by NVIDIA.”

    The Quantum AI content improvement automation solution includes:

  • Quantum CatDV Enterprise with CatDV Automation Workers
  • AI/ML integration based on NVIDIA DeepStream video analytics, NVIDIA Riva speech recognition and text-to-speech technology, and NVIDIA Maxine video and audio quality enhancement SDKs
  • NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPU infrastructure pipeline integration for Quantum CatDV proxy generation, transcoding and AI acceleration
  • Optional additional custom AI/ML development to meet customer needs or to allow customer development teams to use the common platform
  • Integration of Quantum StorNext shared file storage environment
  • Optional Quantum NVMe storage to accelerate content movement through the GPU pipeline
  • Optional Quantum archiving to Quantum ActiveScale, Quantum Scalar tape or S3 compatible storage
  • Quantum is now actively engaging with its customers and partners for the first opportunities to deploy the solution.


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