PS5: What is the storage capacity of the console?


Welcome to our guide “PS5: How much storage capacity does the console have?” “. How big is the PS5 hard drive in terms of pure memory? The PS5 uses an SSD drive, which is faster and more powerful than a normal hard drive, but costs more per gigabyte. Also, although it has 825 GB of storage, the game files are getting bigger and bigger. Part of this space is used by its operating system. That means it could be a lot less than you think. Either way, the claimed 825GB isn’t the full picture of the PS5’s storage capacity. Here’s everything you need to know about PS5 storage.

What is the storage capacity of the PS5 console?

The PS5’s storage is listed as an 825GB SSD, but that doesn’t add up to usable space. For starters, 825 GB is 825,000,000,000 bytes, also since 1 KB is actually 1024 bytes, this implies that there is only 768 GB of storage capacity first. Less space for the operating system leaves 667.2 GB for games and apps, media gallery, stored data, and other system data.

You can check your PS5’s storage capacity by going to Settings -> Storage -> Console Storage and choosing Games & Apps. The media gallery is a fantastic place to start, especially since the PS5 automatically saves a video when you earn a trophy, you can turn this off by heading to Settings -> Captures & Streams -> Trophies -> Save Videos of the trophy. Your PS4 games should be stored on the external hard drive to free up more space on the PS5’s built-in SSD for all your games that need it.

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