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PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 20, 2022–

Global supplier of energy storage platforms Powin LLC (Powin) today announced the acquisition of EKS Energy (EKS), a leading provider of advanced power electronics and energy management solutions for energy storage and renewable energy. This transaction ensures that new and existing Powin customers will receive enhanced product and technology offerings, enabling Powin to deliver a fully integrated grid-scale energy storage experience with chain security. supply.

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The EKS Power Conversion System (PCS) and Power Plant Controller (PPC) support Powin’s Centipede Modular Stack System to provide an energy storage platform that can interface with multiple power plant assets. generation, support microgrids and comply with the most challenging grid codes. EKS technology can optimize solar and wind power generation and store energy in Powin’s battery systems. (Photo: BusinessWire)

As the world transitions to cleaner energy sources, global demand for energy storage will continue to grow to reach an estimated market of $49 billion by 2028, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. To better serve this rapidly growing market, this acquisition expands Powin’s offering to include the EKS power conversion system and power plant controller, enabling Powin to provide a complete AC energy storage platform. capable of advanced control functionality to support microgrid applications while interfacing with multiple generations. assets. Other new products include photovoltaic inverters, DC-DC converters and multi-port inverters, which are used to maximize the performance and benefits of large-scale solar and energy storage projects.

“Acquiring EKS will give us direct access to an industry-leading team, power conversion technology, advanced controls and a decade of experience; allowing Powin to offer a fully integrated solution to further enhance the customer experience,” said Geoff Brown, CEO of Powin. “This historic agreement accelerates our mission to build the network of the future by providing secure, scalable and integrated storage solutions.”

“With over a decade of experience and 4.5 GW of inverter installations worldwide, the EKS Energy team has proven capable of deploying and interconnecting our solutions under many of the conditions most difficult and complicated network solutions in the world. With Powin, there is endless potential in how we can integrate our software capabilities, as well as our AC and DC hardware into a seamless package at scale,” said Javier Landero, CEO of EKS Energy.

Both Powin and EKS remain committed to serving our customers by offering a wide range of energy storage solutions to build a cleaner, safer and more resilient power grid.

About Powin

Powin is a world leader in the design and manufacture of secure and scalable energy storage solutions. Our innovative and cost-effective hardware and software are revolutionizing the way energy is generated, transmitted and distributed, helping the world achieve its decarbonization goals. Powin has delivered over 2,500 MWh of BESS to over 8 different countries and has a contracted pipeline to deliver over 10,000 MWh of energy storage systems globally over the next three years. To learn more, please visit www.powin.com.

About EKS Energy

EKS is a designer, manufacturer and system integrator of advanced power electronics and energy management solutions for distributed energy generation/storage and grid management to meet energy market challenges . Since 2002, EKS has been developing “turnkey” energy solutions, thanks to the complete integration of renewable energies and/or storage systems, with the aim of meeting both the customer’s needs and the most stringent network codes. demanding, even in harsh environments.

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