‘Poor Jennifer’ surprised in toilet during Zoom video call with coworkers


This story originally appeared on Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

A woman working from home unwittingly showed flesh at the sight of her astonished colleagues during a video conference that went awry.

Seemingly oblivious to the fact that her laptop’s camera is on and she is streaming her every move to her 10 coworkers, “Jennifer” as she calls her in the Zoom group chat is seen walking through her room. house in an excerpt from the video uploaded to Facebook on Saturday.

She reaches the bathroom to answer the call of nature, removing her pants and sitting down as her colleague continues to talk to the group.

After a few excruciating seconds in which Jennifer’s coworkers visibly squirm, Jennifer herself finally realizes she’s been caught with her pants down and hastily hijacks her laptop.

“I did not see anything!” announces a male colleague and another says, “Poor Jennifer” while the woman presenting seems to have no idea of ​​the bathroom blunder.

Can you spot poor Jennifer? Photo: Facebook / Piers Mummery.

The calamity of the conference call

While it is not clear whether the ‘poor Jennifer’s’ video call disaster took place while she was working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, the viral clip – it has been viewed over 7 years, 5 million times – is a telling reminder for those who start working remotely.

“Make sure you know how to work from home,” one Facebook user commented.

“I cringe,” said another.

One of them could totally understand Jennifer’s mistake in writing “Literally me” and another called it “My worst fear”.

Others saw it as a caveat for home workers who are not very tech savvy.

“Omg, let’s not let this happen,” one Facebook user wrote to his friend.

“That’s why I always turn the camera off,” advised another.

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