Pluggable Thunderbolt3 external SSD – so very fast (storage review)


The Plugable Thunderbolt3 External SSD overcomes the limitations of external SSD by utilizing the Thunderbolt3 40Gbps (TB3 – 5000MBps) interface. It achieves sequential read/write speeds of up to 2400/1800 MB/s, nearly three times faster than external USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gbps) SSDs.

Now, the key to maximum speed is the PCIe TB3 host implementation. Whether PCIe 3.0 x2 or x4, both will give maximum read speeds of over 2400 Mbps, but the x2 will give write speeds of around 1000 Mbps while the x4 will go for 1800 Mbps.

The drive is Thunderbolt 3 or 4 compatible and is powered through the port. It is not backward compatible with USB-C 4.0 or earlier.

Australian review: Plugable Thunderbolt3 2TB external SSD

Website Product sheet
Price 1TB $535 2TB AU$799
Of Amazon AU (AU website coming soon)
guarantee 3 years or 1900TBW
Summary in seconds Thunderbolt 3 or 4 makes this 1TB or 2TB external SSD the fastest on the planet.
Native country Taiwan
Company plug-in (website here). Redmond, Washington, USA. It sells a wide range of products worldwide and is consistently ranked in the “Top 5” of the global docking station market.
After Cybershack Plugable News & Reviews
Fast facts Interface: Thunderbolt 3 or 4 x4 (not USB-C backwards compatible)Format: exFAT but can format for any OSSize: 108mm x 65mm x 14.5mm x 272gBox: Disc, 18cm integrated cable and carrying pouchSeq theoretical R/ W: 2400/1800MBpsDrop-resistant: Not listed, but it uses an all-metal bodyIP Rating: Not listed, but should be splash-proofWindows, macOS, Xbox X, and PS5 (or earlier)

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First Impression – Solid, Dark, Black – Pass+

It’s a matter of business. The heatsink-style milled aluminum enclosure feels solid, and the fixed 18cm TB3 cable (USB-C connector) means you can’t use the wrong cable.

The interface is TB3 or 4, PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 or x2 for lower throughput. It uses a flagship Phison E12 NVMe controller designed for high-end consumer SSDs and enterprise SSDs. We suspect that the M.2 SSD uses Toshiba 3D TCL and there is DDR4 DRAM cache.

Tests – Exceed

Our Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2022 benchmark Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio (2022) – a thing of beauty and envy (test) has TB4 ports with a PCIe 3.0 x4 implementation. But Windows uses the quick delete option by default which disables write caching for safe deletion. To get the maximum speed, you should use the Better Performance option with the Safely Remove Hardware icon, but power outages or simply removing the cable can lead to data loss.

Using Crystal Disk Mark tests peak throughput. Sequential read/write speeds were – excellent. More impressive is the handling of large files, which means you can render an image on it.

CPDT testing supported read write. Sequential read/write speeds were in Mbps.

Black Magic Disk Speed ​​Test examines video rendering. It is capable of rendering video up to [email protected]

CyberShack’s view – It’s so fast and perfect for videographers

That’s perfect – a 10/10 with one caveat – it’s Thunderbolt only.

Now you really have an external device that matches mainstream internal SSDs and can give you the space you need for rendering on the go. It would be a shame to waste it for the common storage of garden varieties!

Pluggable Thunderbolt3 external SSD

1/2TB AU$535/799

Pluggable Thunderbolt3 external SSD

x4 performance mode


Ease of use (TRB3/4 only)



  • Incredible speeds 2400/1800MBps or more
  • Bargain Price for TB3 Speed
  • Solid, robust, reliable
  • Quality controller and M.2 2280 SSD
  • Good 3 year warranty

The inconvenients

  • Just remember its Thunderbolt only
  • Don’t waste that speed on vanilla storage


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