Outlook.com data will soon count against Microsoft’s cloud storage quotas


Microsoft announced two changes to Outlook.com and its Microsoft 365 service this week. The first removes the ability for Premium Outlook.com customers to use personalized email addresses. The change will not affect existing custom domains that customers have set up, but the ability to use custom domains will be removed on November 30, 2023 for all customers.

The second change may have an even greater impact, at least for Outlook.com customers. Here, it does not matter if a free account is used or if a Microsoft 365 Personal or Family account is used.

Outlook.com attachment data counts against the account’s available quota. The change may have little impact for Microsoft 365 customers, given that they have 1 terabyte of storage. Outlook.com’s free clients, on the other hand, only get 5 gigabytes by default. Grandfathered accounts may have access to more, as Microsoft has distributed larger amounts of storage in the past.

Microsoft Remarks on a support page that Outlook.com attachments will be reflected in a customer’s OneDrive data starting February 1, 2023. The change will not impact the amount of mailbox storage Outlook.com letters, according to Microsoft, but it can reduce the storage available on OneDrive.

Customers who reach the cloud storage quota may be able to send and receive email using the discontinued email service, according to Microsoft.

Customers can check available storage and total amount of available storage on OneDrive or in Outlook.com:

Outlook.com users can delete email attachments to free up disk space on the service. Attachments can be manually downloaded to the local system before this for backup purposes. Another option available to customers is to use a backup tool to download all emails. Programs like the Mozilla Thunderbird desktop email client or the free Home MailStore can do it almost effortlessly.

Microsoft probably has a different hope. Customers can also subscribe to a paid Microsoft 365 plan to increase their storage to 1 terabyte.

Closing words

The upcoming week of Black Friday offers a good opportunity to migrate to another email service, not only from Outlook.com, but also from other services such as Yahoo Mail or Gmail. Most alternatives will offer discounts on some of their plans, and you may be able to significantly improve security, privacy, and storage by switching to one of these providers. Check the home pages of providers such as Tutanota, FastMailWhere Proton mail. Yes, this means having to pay a small fee each month.

Now you: what is your e-mail service, and why?


Outlook.com data will soon count against Microsoft's cloud storage quotas

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Outlook.com data will soon count against Microsoft’s cloud storage quotas

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Starting early next year, attachment data from Outlook.com will count against the available storage quota of a Microsoft customer’s Microsoft account.


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