Organic TikTok Posts See Farmhouse Dark Chocolate Milk Blast Off Shelves


A dark chocolate milk product from Farmhouse, the dairy brand owned by F&N, recently found itself in a comfortable position as young people in Singapore began posting shopping videos with the caption “TikTok m ‘ did buy it “.

While the brand has adopted an integrated marketing strategy with the new product, ranging from public and media relations, in-store promotions, social media content including teasers, recipe videos and giveaways, and working with KOLs and social media influencers, TikTok wasn’t a platform he thought he was paying his attention to.

In a conversation with INTERACTIVE-MARKETING, a spokesperson confirmed that the brand had never actually launched a marketing campaign before using Tik Tok before. As such, the team are “thrilled that Farmhouse Low Fat Dark Chocolate Flavored Milk is doing so well.”

“We started to see the peak in the number of mentions on TikTok during the first week of the launch in late May. There have been many positive organic reviews which have led to a strong demand for the product which has exceeded our expectations, ”said a spokesperson for the brand.

The spokesperson added that the content spike on TikTok appeared shortly after it was posted on Mothership and that ongoing activity, along with organic mentions, for the new Farmhouse Dark Chocolate Flavored Milk helped kick-start. the test. Currently, the brand works with DUO Studio for social networks and IMSG for public relations.

The spokesperson added that the campaign and product sales “have exceeded its most optimistic sales expectations by several times” and the brand has had to replenish supermarket shelves at a higher frequency as consumers continued to purchase the product. “We had to advance our pre-orders for packaging materials and ingredients to meet the surge in demand,” he added. The hashtag #farmhousedarkchocolatemilk has 37.0k views on TikTok while #farmhousemilk and #farmhousechocolatemilk have 3,051 and 1,519 views respectively. Dark chocolate milk was such a hit with consumers that some took to Farmhouse Singapore’s Facebook page and asked the brand to source it from supermarkets near their homes.

F&N presents Farmhouse as a brand containing 100% Australian fresh milk. In addition to Farmhouse Chocolate, it also contains Farmhouse Fresh Milk, Farmhouse Low Fat Hi Calcium and Farmhouse Omega. Separately last year, it also brought back the Limited Edition Farmhouse Peppermint Chocolate Flavored Milk for Christmas for consumers in Singapore. In Malaysia, F&N said in its 2020 annual report that Farmhouse continues to leverage the group’s internal technical expertise, product offerings and trusted consumer relationships to support its Malaysian dairy vertical in construction. of its new pillar of growth.

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