Old Man Mountain Elkhorn Rack one rack for everything!


Old Man Mountain racks claim to be the most versatile racks available. And their new Elkhorn rack seems to be keeping that reputation alive. So here’s the scoop…

The Elkhorn is available in two sizes. The short size is compatible with clearance for both 27.5 x 3″ and 700 x 38mm configurations. And the tall size can clear 29 x 3.25-inch tires. The 6061 aluminum rack is lightweight at 660 grams and can support a load of 25 lbs. It also has three adventure supports on each leg. The height between the mounting point and the bridge is 390 mm on the court and 430 mm on the top.

Elkhorn OMM Rack Brackets

The Elkhorn is a stunning minimalist rack. This slim, utility rack can be mounted on any bike in your quiv; whether it’s front suspension, full suspension, no suspension, city bike, cross bike, gravel bike or even your road bike .

rack mounting on fork axle

The rack comes standard with the ability to mount directly to your bike’s eyelets. But, there are optional “adjustment kits” available for mounting with a quick release or thru-axle. The same “adjustment kits” can actually be used on all your bikes to help make swapping the Elkhorn from bike to bike a super easy snap-a-roo.

You can mount the Elkhorn on the front or back of your steed, which is super convenient. The compact and sturdy deck measures 3.9″ x 10.5″ and includes slots to tie your gear in place. In addition, it has holes to mount a light.

Basket bag

Nothing to see here… go your way

It exists in black or black.

The Elkhorn is made in Taiwan and comes with a lifetime warranty…it’s awesome.

If you want to own this rack, you’ll have to wait until summer 2022 (so basically…just around the corner). But, in the meantime, you can just pop over here quickly to add yourself to the “notify-me-when-it-is-in-stock” mailing list to get notified when it’s, you know… in stock. 🙂


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