Nintendo Switch Online already needs to fix voice chat


Nintendo Switch Online is a low budget online service, but it still lacks some borderline essentials that are just plain confusing.

Most modern consoles don’t launch until their online subscription service is up and running. Not Nintendo, but the iconic games company has always liked to do things a little differently. Although the Nintendo Switch celebrated its second anniversary in March of this year, Nintendo Switch Online only had one anniversary last month. The monthly subscription service, which costs less than most, allows Switch users to play together online and also provides access to a growing number of NES and now SNES games.

Speaking of SNES games, the arrival of some of the classic console’s most famous games has been a long time coming. In typical Nintendo fashion, the arrival of SNES titles to accompany those of the NES already in place has been rumored for months. This made the players even more impatient with their impending arrival. Plus, in typical gamer fashion, now that SNES games have finally arrived, many are already asking for more.

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Give us more nostalgia

Since NES and SNES games are now available through NSO, it should be safe to assume that the Nintendo 64 and maybe even GameCube titles are in the cards. But why is Nintendo making us wait? It’s an online service, which people pay for, is over a year old, and yet there are hundreds of titles lying dormant in the Nintendo Game Vault (yes, that’s definitely a thing). Why not throw a bone to Switch owners and add them already?

A year later, or 13 months to be exact, and the lack of Nintendo classics from older consoles is the least of our concerns when it comes to NSO. Perhaps the biggest issue that needs to be addressed is the Switch’s voice chat. If you’ve used the necessary mobile app to chat with players you play with while using NSO, you know exactly what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, don’t. Lag, disconnections and awkwardness all around. If Nintendo only fixes one of NSO’s persistent issues, please make it this one adult chat site.

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Why no Netflix?

It may seem unfair to compare NSO to online subscription services from other consoles, but that’s life. With PlayStation and Xbox both offering free games every month, this makes Nintendo look bad. Yes, we have a library of NES and SNES games to choose from, but titles that are distributed for free by other services are much more up to date. Add the N64 and GameCube games to NSO and we could forgive this one.

Other consoles are also used for much more than games. Various apps allow gamers to stream services like Netflix to their PS4 and Xbox Ones. This is not possible on the Switch through NSO, which probably discourages quite a few potential customers. Since the Switch is a games console and nothing else, the more casual gamer who uses their console for just about any type of thing would skip right over it when purchasing new hardware.

There is a good chance that some of the above mentioned issues, if not all, will be resolved, fixed and added in the future. However, Nintendo must hurry. With the release of the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles slated for a little over a year, Nintendo will need to do everything in its power to keep gamers interested in the Switch. Deploying all of the above as soon as possible would be a good start.

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