Mountain statesman | Knights continue to impress on the track and on the pitch


GRAFTON – The Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) track team continue to outperform the competition, as they delivered another electrifying performance at East West Stadium in Fairmont last week.

For the Lady Knights, the team registered 24 participants, who went on to accumulate 122 points in the competition, enough to secure a first place overall. On the boys’ side, the TCMS had 13 athletes competing, earning 90 points at the Knights that day, earning them a third place overall.

“This team continues to impress,” said assistant coach Jamen Summers. “The results of this competition really show the quality of these athletes. Children come to train, work hard to improve their individual skills and strive for excellence.

Among the Lady Knights’ top four spots, star Hadley Horne once again led the way by winning two of those top spots.

Individually, Horne made his way to first place in the 400 meters with a time of 1: 05.76 and also took first place in the long jump. Additionally, she helped the TCMS Lady Knight 4X100 relay team on their way to victory, anchoring the team with a time of 58.70.

She also won team points for a second place in the 100 meters.

Leah Knotts helped by winning an individual first place in the 3,200-meter race, with an impressive time of 14: 36.29, while Lady Knight Anna Harbison finished second with a time of 29.54 in the 200-meter race.

The boys also secured four top spots and were led by their relay teams, while the 4X100 hurdles and Shuttle teams advanced to the top spots.

MJ Niggemyer stunned the competition in the 1,600-meter race, clocking 5: 37.09, quick enough to win the event. He then defeated his opponents and also won first place in the 800-meter race, finishing in 2: 34.03.

And while the girls and boys excelled on the track, the team as a whole improved in the field events, adding valuable points to their team’s total.

“The pitchers performed well, many of them set personal bests in both of their throwing events,” said Junior assistant coach Lambert.

Eighth pupil Andrew Collins placed third in the men’s discus throw and many the youngest girls of the team also placed in the event, with sixth grader Reese Lambert and seventh grader Maggie Brake claiming third and fifth place respectively in the discus throw.

“It’s great that our field events add more points to our team total. We are delighted to see these young pitchers develop for the rest of the year this year and the rest of their years as Knights, ”said J. Lambert.

Individual event results:

3200: Leah Knotts-1st place 14: 36.29, Oliver Barker-4th place, 15: 38.13

400 meters: Hadley Horne-1st place 1: 05.76, Riley Countryman-3rd place, 1: 13.63

Relay 4 X 800: Kevie Sipes, Sofia Brake, Baily Weaver, Leah Knotts – 3rd place, 13: 12.72

100 hurdles: Anna Harbison – 2nd place, 18.47, Jennah Charlton – 5th place, 20.78, Carly Vandergrift – 6th place, 21.08, Javin Summers – 2nd place, 19.60

100 meters: Hadley Horne- 2nd place, 14.62, Jaxon Hall – 4th place, 13.14

Relay 4 X 200: Savannah worker, Jaylin Summers, Lucia Jacquez, Jayla Blackhurst-6th place, 2.38.72, Andrew Collins, Braydon Weaver, Landon Hodges, Aaron Sayers-2nd place, 2: 03.00

1600 stroke: Kevie Sipes – 3rd place, 6: 42.03, MJ Niggemeyer – 1st place, 5: 37.09

200 hurdles: Carly Vandergrift – 3rd place, 37.99, Hailey Bailey – 5th place, 39.39, Javin Summers – 5th place, 34.00, Braydon Weaver – 6th place, 35.06

4×100 relay: Riley Countryman, Jennah Charlton, Anna Harbison and Hadley Horne-1st place, 58.70, MJ Niggemeyer, Aaron Sayers, Landon Hodges, Jaxson Hall-1st place, 56.53

800 meters: Kevie Sipes-4th place, 3: 02.14, MJ Niggemeyer -1st place, 2:34:03, Tyler Clemm-5th place, 2: 48.31

200 meters: Anna Harbison-2nd place, 29.54, Jaxson Hall – 3rd place, 27.00

Obstacles of the shuttle: Carly Vandergrift, lucky Jones, Madelyn Lynch, Jennah Charlton-3rd place, 49.59, Aaron Sayers, Andrew Collins, Braydon Weaver, Javin Summers-1st place, 46.34

Relay 4X400: Madelyn Lynch, Cheyenne Duncan-Beverly, Keilie Haddix, Savannah Workman-3rd place, 5: 50.28, Brady NcQuain, Oliver Barker, Owen Shreve, Tyler Clemm-4th place, 5: 42.94

Big jump: Anna Harbison -3-10, Jennah Charlton- 3-10, tied for 5th place, Jaxson Hall 4-6-5th place

Long jump: Hadley Horne- 13-9, 1st place, MJ Niggemeyer -14-5, 4th place

Shoot: Aubrey Roy- 6th place, 07-21.5

Disk: Reese Lambert-3rd place, 47-02, Maggie Brake-5th place, 42-10, Andrew Collins-3rd place, 84-07

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