Mauer Der Toten: How to Upgrade the Klaus Guide


Klaus is one of the coolest parts of Mauer Der Toten – here’s how to level up your robotic companion!

From the first Mauer Der Toten trailer, we knew Klaus would be one of the most exciting parts of the new Zombies map. Ultimately, your AI friend can do more than just help kill a few zombies.

We already know that Klaus can give you a free magic weapon in Mauer Der Toten, for example. And some players report that the companion can revive you if you fall too.

But, in order to make Klaus even more deadly on the new map, you’ll need to upgrade him. Luckily, we know where to find all of the upgrade locations for Klaus in Mauer Der Toten so you can give him a boost ASAP.

First, here’s how to build Klaus with all 3 parts in Mauer Der Toten!

Mauer Der Toten Klaus Zombies of the Cold War Trailer
(Source: Activision)

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How to upgrade Klaus – Mauer Der Toten

In order to improve Klaus in Mauer Der Toten, you will need to start by getting him to kill enough enemies.

On the CODZombies subreddit, user West-West-6226 confirms that Klaus was ready to level up after killing all zombies on turn 14.

Once Klaus has killed enough zombies, take him back to his Upgrade Station in the Clothing Factory and protect him while he improves. It will take about a minute and then Klaus will have access to the Pack-a-Punch weapons.

Then you can further enhance Klaus (and change his appearance) with a series of dark green boxes containing floppy disks. Make sure you have the Black Light from the free Wonder Weapon questline to make this step easier!

klaus upgrade Mauer Der Toten floppy location
(Source: Ouest-Ouest-6226)

All Klaus – Mauer Der Toten floppy upgrade locations

Take Klaus to two of the dark green boxes located in the following locations:

  • Hotel lounge
  • West Berlin Street (under the Wunderfizz machine)
  • Blasted Suite
  • 5th floor apartment
  • Ghost station (next to the railway tracks, from the service passage)
  • Maintenance tunnel (next to Klaus)
Klaus Floppy Disk Upgrade Mauer Der Toten Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Two of the boxes (at random) will display an icon of Klaus’ face next to them, under black light. Having Klaus puncture these boxes will reveal a floppy disk.

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Then simply return Klaus to his upgrade station and place a floppy disk inside. This can be done once per turn and Klaus will benefit from an upgrade and change in appearance!

Klaus Mauer Der Toten Black Ops Final Upgrade Cold War Zombies

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