Kim Kardashian receives spooky anonymous package


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Kim Kardashian receives a mysterious package

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to fans who have tried to show her adoration in unsettling ways. Recently, Kim received a package from a mysterious suitor that included an engagement ring and a plan B. Although the identity of the sender has yet to be confirmed, the package is believed to come from a man who already had walked into Kim’s property, claiming he was there to take Kim on a date. (Going through TMZ)

How many dates does it take to know someone is serious?

It might not take as many dates as you think to find out if you really love someone. Seven percent of people said they would only take someone on a date if they were already very interested, and just under half said it would only take three, according to a new poll. date or less. New statistics also show that 54% of people on dating apps are looking for a serious relationship. (Going through YouGovAmerica)

Innovative Pandemic Bracelet Sets

Imagine the convenience of a bracelet that shows where people are with their limits in the pandemic. Fortunately, this is becoming a trend! Now that a variety of venues are reopening, many don’t want to throw the awkward “Are you comfortable with …?” ” conversation. Alternatively, some have decided to wear a green bracelet to signify if they are comfortable with physical contact; yellow if they are not afraid of their elbows touching; and red if they want to be six feet apart. They are great for loud areas such as bars and clubs, where it can be difficult to get along. (Going through the Wall Street newspaper)

Jennifer Lopez works with Netflix to boost diversity

Multi-talented Jennifer Lopez has once again found a way to make an impact. She just signed a contract with Netflix to develop movies and TV shows, as well as unscripted content, with a focus on diverse female roles. Projects already underway include Mulan, directed by Niki Caro, and The number, a film adaptation of the novel Of the same by Isabella Ojeda Maldonado. (Going through People)

Selfless young graduate catches grandma in hospital

Twin Cities high school student Marley Comito is expected to graduate from Hopkins High School next week. Her grandmother couldn’t wait to come from the east coast to watch the teenager cross the stage. Unfortunately, she suffered a fall which resulted in a fractured pelvis. So, Comito decided to cross the country to New Jersey to surprise his grandmother, making her cry. Her mother, WCCO radio host Jordana Green, captured the moving moment on camera. The video went viral and was even featured on Today’s show. (Going through Bring me the news)

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