Jasper Medas builds more than shelves with Creative from the Outside


Creative from the Outside, which is located on the west coast of Demerara, premiered in November of last year after Jasper Medas finally listened to a friend who repeatedly told him he was creative and had a lot of potential, after seeing his work. He finally listened.

Together with the company, which provides a range of services in the fields of steel mill, carpentry and masonry, craftsman Jasper Medas is committed not only to providing quality services, but also to training and to provide jobs for young people on the west coast of Demerara.

So far, Medas has been successful because he and a team of talented young men like him have taken on the company’s workload, which has been constant.

Shelves made for 592 Tees

When he made his decision to move forward with the business, Medas was already qualified, having studied his father, Charles Medas, a metallurgical engineer, and he was also qualified, having pursued studies in data mining. and in metallurgical engineering at the Leonora Techni -cal Institut. Before that, his interest was piqued looking at his father.

Medas, who recently turned 22, shared what led to the company opening in November. He said at the end of last year his father had work to do on the church and needed a welding plant for the project. When he was done with the welding factory, he gave it to Medas. It was all he needed to start his business.

Speaking about the idea of ​​having other young men work with him, Medas said, “On the west coast you would see in the corners that there are a lot of idle people. This particular person… Jason Rose who lives in my street jobs for someone who does carpentry work and in January someone came to me to do some work and I was not as good at the job wood so I asked him to do the carpentry part and I did the metal part. Now there are six of us, so it’s not just about fabrication and carpentry work, but we also have people doing electrical and plumbing work. The workers are between 17 and 25 years old.

A fence built by Creative from the Outside

Since its inception, Creative from the Outside has been busy every day. The company is open from Monday to Friday. But sometimes when the workload is heavy, Medas also works on Saturdays.

As CEO of the company, Medas is very involved. Because he wants a reliable company, he has to make sure that the young people who work with him are organized. Time management has never really been an issue, Medas said, as he makes sure other traders’ deadlines are a day before customers expect their work to be done.

Creative from the Outside provides high quality work and often receives praise from clients. Medas said that quality work is important when running a business and you have to let your work do the talking. In addition, to attract customers, the services are offered at affordable prices.

Medas is also responsible for managing social media and taking on new contracts.

Some of his best works include shelves for the 592 Tees business unit, a steel staircase, and a fence for a church.

Medas recalled that he recently built shelves for a woman living in Georgetown who has repeatedly said how satisfied she is with the job he is doing. It was heartwarming, said the entrepreneur, and remarks like these are always inspiring for him and his team.

During the ten months of the company’s opening, its name has gained popularity not only on the west coast of Demerara, but also as far as Berbice and Linden as well as Georgetown.

Medas is most proud of the fact that his company trains young people who can choose to stay or go on their own and start their own businesses. “One of my main goals is to keep young people busy in a constructive way. I want to see them use their hands. It bothers me when I see idle young people, knowing that they have so much potential and that they are just wasting it, ”said Medas.

According to the young man, his way of thinking reflects the way he was brought up. His father, he says, was always busy with church or work. His three siblings are the same: singer Samuel Medas, photographer Jason and Peter who works in the agricultural sector.

Medas said he believes knowledge of a trade is the basis of a comfortable life for a young man, whether he chooses to remain single or start a family of his own. He noted that even if someone has a secure office job, it’s still a good idea to have a trade to fall back on.

Medas shared that being an entrepreneur is not easy because he works so hard, but he has business and personal goals that he works tirelessly towards. One of these goals is to make Creative from the Outside a household name in Guyana. Medas also hopes he can provide training to more young people. All of this, the entrepreneur said, is so that he can someday grow his business and be able to travel the world.

Creative from the Outside can be followed on Facebook or contacted at 617-2806.

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