Jaffa cake and donut fusion on the shelves next week


Jaffa cake is due to hit shelves as a donut next week in the latest twist on the 94-year-old British classic.

McVitie’s Jaffa Jonut is a donut-shaped sponge ring with the familiar orange filling and a dark chocolate coating.

It follows Jaffa Cake bars and mini rolls as well as pineapple, cherry and passion fruit flavor variations alongside the original orange.

The Jaffa Jonut (McVitie’s / PA)

McVitie & Price introduced the Jaffa Cake, containing a simple combination of sugar and tangerine oil to form the sealed layer of jam and named after Jaffa oranges, in 1927.

In 1991, McVitie’s successfully argued that the sweets, regularly voted among the favorite cookies of the British, are in fact cakes and therefore exempt from VAT.

A court determined that some characteristics of the Jaffa cake resembled a cake, including the ingredients and texture, but it was also the size and shape of a cookie, packaged and sold with cookies and presented to be eaten with them. fingers and not, as one would expect from a cake, eaten with a fork.

The Jonut will be available at Tesco from May 16 and at other retailers from the end of June in boxes of four with a recommended retail price of £ 1.99 or individually wrapped individually for 60 pence.

McVitie Brand Manager Emma Stowers said, “We love hearing the debate about our Jaffa cakes, and the launch of our Jaffa Jonuts is sure to spark new discussions.

“We’re excited to give our fans a new twist, as the fusion of Jaffa cakes and donuts brings an exciting and original taste experience to those who love candy.

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