IBM’s new cloud solution promises huge low-cost storage gains – with a catch


IBM has released a new tape library touted as being specifically designed for the “new wave” of hyperscalers aggregating huge customer datasets.

The Diamondback Tape Library debuted at the Open Compute Project 2022 Global Summit, where IBM was keen to highlight the new offering’s cybersecurity capabilities, saying it “provides essential protection against a variety of threats.”

The LTO format offering apparently provides up to 27 petabytes (PB) of capacity in a single rack. Storage creates a physical “air space”, or an isolated backup copy that is not connected to the Internet, which can be useful for protecting sensitive information. endpoints cyber attacks.

How it works?

IBM also touted the financial benefits of the solution, saying it offered about a quarter of the total cost of spinning disk storage and archiving services in the public cloud.

“Driven by an explosion in data volume, ransomware, and increased regulatory and sustainability requirements, large-scale cloud providers are among the biggest consumers of tape storage and are expected to drive tape capacity shipments to new heights. levels in 2023,” said researcher Phil Goodwin. Vice President, IDC.

IBM’s new solution is generally available today and shows that despite the age of tape storage technology dating back to the 1950s, LTO technology is far from dead.

A report from the LTO program indicates that 148 exabytes of tape were shipped in 2021, a growth rate of 40% in 2020.

The report attributed a quarter of the company’s attempts to reduce online storage costs when archiving their unstructured data.

IBM continues to publish relatively solid resultswith the company recording revenue of $14.1 billion, up 6% or 15% at constant currency, in the third quarter of 2022.


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