Greenbrier dairy products hit the shelves at Cornerstone IGA and at local school meals


RAINELLE, WV (WVNS) – Greenbrier Dairy began producing butter and cheese in 2021. In just five months, the company is on the shelves at the Cornerstone IGA in Fairlea and in local school lunches.

Trey Yates is the Founder and CEO of Greenbrier Dairy. He said this expansion was long in coming.

“It’s been a long time from 2016 to just start production in 2021,” Yates said. “We’re really excited about how fast things are going, but we want to get bigger and bigger.”

Yates said they are considering a bottling line so the company can produce milk.

“Our biggest thing right now is one, picking up more school systems with cheese,” Yates said. “We want better and local food for our children, then a bottling line to make liquid milk. This would be another product offering that we have in addition to butter and cheese. “

Yates said he was providing cheese curds to Greenbrier County schools for their students, but wanted to expand to more school districts. He added that schools can choose the flavors of cheese curds they want. For example, Yates said Greenbrier schools chose all-natural cheese curds, but could choose a different flavor next month.

“If they have a warehouse in their county, like Greenbrier County does, we drop it off at their warehouse,” Yates said. “We pack them by school, so if they have 300 kids in school, it’s for that school. And then if they don’t have a warehouse, we’ll make a plan in which we can deliver to every school in that county. “

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