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Hundreds of ice fishermen were scattered around the Chetek Chain of Lakes for the 27th Annual Chetek Fire Department Adult and Child Ice Fishing Tournament on Saturday January 16. The weather conditions were relatively mild, resulting in a high turnout for the annual event.

The contest took place on all six lakes in the Chetek Range and once again landed during Wisconsin’s annual Free Fishing Weekend.

The winners of the Adult Divisions Fishing Awards were: Ron Broht (first place northern pike, 9.31 lb), Zach Zappa (second place pike, 9.27 lb), Ashtyn Waite (third place pike, 8 , 9 lb); Riley Toufar (walleye first row, 2.41 lb), Jena Florczak (walleye second row, 2.35 lb), Buck (no last name listed) (walleye third row, 2.2 lb); Cayden Gifford (first place bass, 3.25 lbs), Isaac Whiting (second place bass, 2.91 lbs), Roger Brooten (third place bass, 2.89 lbs); Ron Razim (1st place mare, 0.90 lbs), Meirk Phimet (2nd place arrowroot, 0.90 lbs), Olivia Koehler (3rd place arrowroot, 0.89 lbs); Nathan Postle (first place sunfish, 0.59 lb), Ron Razim (second place sunfish, 0.59 lb), Lance Hulholland (third place sunfish, 0.44 lb); Justin Madaus (first place pole, 0.94 lb), Ray York (second place pole, 0.87 lb) and Kathy VanHeldon (third place pole, 0.87 lb); Nate Faughn (Biggest Rough Fish / Dog, 9.06 lbs).

The competition winners in the children’s division were Nicholas Frank (first place northern pike, 9.54 lb), Ryder Hakseth (second place pike, 6.95 lb), Keith Hamilton (third place pike, 6, 16 lb); Janika Lenbom (walleye first row, 1.64 lbs), Nolan Lentz (walleye second row, 1.62 lb), Miles Morehead (walleye third row, 1.18 lb); Easton Schaaf (first place bass, 2.11 lbs); Brantley Knickerbocker (second bass, 2.07 lbs), Josie VanBeek (third bass, 2.06 lbs); Haden Goebel (first place, .67 lbs.; Colt Jenneman (second place crappie, .67 lbs.); Jake Bischel (third place crappie, .33 lbs.); Duke Lehto (first place crappie,. 57 lb), Kenton Pierce (second place crappie, 0.55 lbs), Brantley Knickerbocker (third place crappie, 0.55 lbs); Jaylen Sedarski (first place pole vault, 0.77 lbs), Aspen Marshall (second place pole vault, 0 , 69 lbs) and Kyle Jahr (third place pole vault, 0.62 lbs).

This year’s lucky winner of the 2021 Ranger 570 Side-by-Side Grand Prize draw was Mike Walters. Second place of $ 250 went to Nick Sweet, while Jordan Schaaf took third place of $ 100 and Mariah Miles took fourth place of $ 50.

The raffle winners were Don Sessions (CZ Drake Over / Under 20 gauge), Jessica Larson (Smith & Wesson AR-15), Brock Hamilton (Ruger LCP .380), Pete Pederson (Springfield Hellcat 9mm), Derek Frank ( Ruger Wrangler .22), Jeff Welle (Remington 783 .223), Josh VanBeek (Ruger AR-556) and Chad Nelson (Traeger Pellet Grill).

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