Google Cloud raises prices for some storage and data services


Google Cloud has informed its customers that it will increase the prices of some of its infrastructure products starting October 1.

Vice President and General Manager of Google Cloud Infrastructure Sachin Gupta said the changes reflect investments in cloud infrastructure the company has made in recent years.

“They are also designed to better align with how other major cloud providers charge for similar products, so customers can more easily compare services between major cloud providers,” Gupta said in a statement. blog post.

He added that the changes would give customers “more choice in how they pay for what they use, as well as flexible new SKUs with new product options and capabilities.”

Some of the specific changes will include the introduction of charges for data replication, as well as network egress charges for reading data into a cloud storage bucket located in a multi-region from a Google Cloud service on the same continent.

A new price of $0.0011 per resource hour will also be introduced for its Network Topology service, which will include the Network Intelligence Center performance dashboard at no additional cost. When Google first launched this tool, it was accessible as a free service.

Google will also begin charging customers who use its load balancing product to process outbound traffic data at a rate of $0.008 to $0.012 per GB, depending on region, “to maintain consistency and consistency. ‘alignment with variable service costs on our Cloud Load Balancing Portfolio’. Charges previously only applied to cloud load balancing for inbound traffic data processing.

But these are not all price increases. Prices for cold-line storage and archiving services will decrease in Nam4 and Eur4 dual regions. The price for Asia1 dual-region archive storage will also decrease.

Additionally, as Google Cloud increases prices for its standard persistent disk (PD) snapshot storage, it plans to roll out a new lower-cost archive snapshot option for PD so that the use cases of compliance and archiving costs less than compute-intensive DevOps. workloads, Google Cloud said.

Google Cloud also assured customers on existing contracts with a variable or fixed discount that they would not be impacted by price changes until they renewed their contracts.

He also advised customers to use the Storage Transfer Service to select the correct cloud storage bucket locations, noting that the service will be available for free in cloud storage from April 2 until the end of April. year.

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