Fleximounts Garage Storage Racks and Wall Mounted Bike Racks


Garage storage remains one of those things that everyone needs and few masters. Wanting to have the opportunity to improve the layout of my own garage, I decided to try two products. Garage Storage Racks and Fleximounts Wall Bike Racks are sold at Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, Newegg, and other retailers. I had seen the mark nearby but often wondered if these simple solutions would work in my garage. In particular, we reviewed the Fleximounts GR48-H Classic 4 × 8 hanging garage storage rack (with hooks) and their BR1 Hanger wall mounted bike rack. Would these products do the trick? I was committed to find out!

Features of the Fleximounts GR48-H Garage Storage Racks

Fleximounts Technical offers 5 models in its range of hanging garage storage racks. Available in black or white, they range from the Classic 3 × 8, 4 × 8, and Pro 4 × 8 models to their 4 × 4 lifting system that uses a crank and steel cables to lift the rack out of the way.

The Fleximounts GR48-H Classic 4 × 8 Hanging Garage Storage Rack (with hooks) caught my eye because it offered a good amount of load support and seemed easy to install.

It mounts to ceiling joists in either direction (parallel or perpendicular to desired orientation. It adjusts between 22 and 40 inches in height (drop from ceiling). 4 × 8 footprint provides plenty of storage and you can put them together for even more ceiling space. The weight capacity is 600 pounds, that’s enough for everything I had in mind. I didn’t think the 800 pound capacity of the Pro model I also liked that the Classic model included a pair of flat hooks and four curved utility hooks.

Fleximounts Garage Storage Racks Models Comparison

Fleximounts offer a bunch of options for overhead storage in the garage. This not only includes a few color choices, but also several size options. You can go with anything as small as a 2 × 8 or 3 × 6 storage system up to a 4 × 8 system (like the one we chose). Also, like I mentioned above, you can combine multiple products to get a ton of overhead storage in multiple areas of your garage or workshop.

Classic Pro Basic Raise
Models) GR48 / B / NC GR48M / Mo GR48F GL44B
Width 24 to 48 inches 48 inch 48 inch 48 inch
Length 72 – 96 inches. 96 inch 96 inch 48 inch
Maximum capacity 600 pounds 800 pounds 600 pounds 300 pounds
Joist spacing ≤24 or 48 in. ≤24 or 48 in. ≤24 or 48 in. 12, 16, 24 or 48 inches.
Ceiling clearance 22-40 in. 22-40 in. 22-40 in. 108 inch
Colors Black, White, Hammered Black or white Black or white Noir
Includes a terrace Yes Yes No Yes

Installing Fleximounts Suspended Storage Racks

Installation of the Fleximounts overhead garage storage racks took about an hour. The instructions provide an excellent guide for installing brackets parallel or perpendicular to ceiling joists.

Open the box and pre-assemble the rack

To start assembling the top storage rack, open the box and separate the pieces. Then you want to take the package of nuts and bolts and go through the process of aligning and securing the four sections of the rack together (side by side) to create a single 4 × 8 platform from which you suspend. the ceiling.


Locate joists and hang hanger posts

It was a one-man job to locate the ceiling joists with a Franklin stud finder (the best stud finder in my opinion) and mark them. I then took a Milwaukee M12 drill with a 3/16 inch Red Helix titanium bit and drilled holes for the included 1/4 inch lag bolts. Next, I switched to a Milwaukee M2 impact driver and sat the top six rails so that they each extend over two ceiling joists. Obviously, I did both of these at the same time.

garage storage rack pole

After the top rails were installed, I decided on a height for my vertical supports. After installing the two machined screws and nuts to adjust the length, I secured them to my top support brackets. Normally you would like to place them directly in the middle, but I shifted mine to clear a window on the side of my garage. I wasn’t planning on hitting the 600-pound weight limit, so I wasn’t worried about stressing my ceiling joists unevenly.

Hang the rack on the support posts

It took a little help hanging the rack on the support posts to lift everything into place. Corner posts include convenient J-hooks for “grabbing” the edge of the rack. This keeps it in place while you secure it using the machine screws provided. You then work your way, attaching the center posts and adding the center braces for added stability.

Fleximounts Storage Rack Bracing

Ultimately, Fleximounts Classic Garage Storage Racks provide stable storage for boxes, coolers, AC filters, and other items that would otherwise clutter your garage floor. I love it and it gave me a lot more room underneath for things that needed space!

Fleximounts Garage Storage Racks

Then I added the Fleximounts wall mounted bike rack to move four bikes from floor to wall, freeing up even more space.

Fleximounts Wall Mounted Bike Rack

The Fleximounts Wall Mounted Bike Rack (BR1 model) allows you to hang 1-6 bikes on the wall. Depending on the configuration, you will get one or two crossbars and 2-3 wall brackets. My system came designed for four bikes. This involved a single 48 inch crossbar and two wall mount brackets.

bike rack

The installation involved measuring the four lag bolts that would hold my two brackets to the back post wall. You can also use the included plastic anchors for building block walls. It barely took me 20 minutes, and much of it required me to double-check to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.

After mounting the brackets, I inserted the crossbar and threaded it through the four included padded J-hooks. These each contain a bike on the wall mounted bike rack. I secured the bar in place with the two Allen screws provided.

Fleximounts Bike Rack Crossbar

After loading my four bikes the results were fantastic.

Wall hooks for bicycle carriers

Ride every other bike in the opposite direction to accommodate the handlebars. Here’s what mine looked like after installation:

Fleximounts Wall Mounted Bike Rack

Final thoughts

Ultimately, adding the Fleximounts GR48-H overhead garage storage racks and the BR1 wall bike rack can seriously improve the usability of your garage. For me, this allowed better access for my vehicle and my motorcycle as well as more room to move around and do things. For the price, a solution like this can’t be beat and I recommend it to anyone looking to organize their garage.


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