Evolution of Q: Goldfinger-spec DB5 recreation vs 2021


The standard DB5 is really special, but we think future buyers will all wish their cars could feature similar upgrades to this one. Our only substantive complaint concerns the Fern Green paint on the car; we find it hard to see such a dull shade prevail.

While this car didn’t cause us to substantially revise the conclusion we came to in our previous DB5 test drive, its impressive arsenal did give rise to a slight modification. Because it is a man’s car: a car that savages, chastises and bites frequently.

Fast forward to 2021 …

While earlier Aston Martin Continuation cars were designed to be near exact copies of the sacred originals, the DB5 Goldfinger Continuation posed a much greater challenge. The gadgets that made the original movie car famous were theater props that only needed to work once; those fitted to the Continuation had to be able to function repeatedly. They should also be non-fatal. Gaydon’s lawyers have apparently been very insistent on this point.

There’s an almost complete set of gadgets, created under the supervision of Chris Corbould, an Oscar-winning special effects designer who has worked on no less than 15 James Bond films, including No Time to Die. They include machine guns, rotating license plates, on-board radar, bulletproof rear screen, oil slick and smoke screen, as well as front and rear bumper cylinders, which have been referenced. but not used in the 1964 film Goldfinger.

The original car in the movie used blank pistols, which was an impractical solution for the Continuation, as they would be too loud and even illegal in many territories. Instead, its cannons simulate fire with ultra-bright LEDs and motorized recoil action, accompanied by a much more subdued speaker soundtrack than actual gunfire. For similar reasons, the oil slick actually pulls water out, and the tire wreckers come in a display case and cannot be fitted to the car. And although the asymmetrical opening of the sunroof is present, the Continuation does not feature an ejection seat. Unfortunately, pressing the red button under the folding shift lever flap does nothing; some surprising vibrations under the seat would have been a good idea.

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