Endura gravel kit, PRO aero handlebars, Sigyei power meter spider, Topeak child seat and Rule 28 winter kit


Another week filled with new bike tech has passed, so let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights before we jump into another edition of First Look Friday.

Our first ride review of Nukeproof’s first electric mountain bike, the MegaWatt 297 Factory, went live this week and Technical Editor-in-Chief Robin Weaver described it as “a belt absolute.”

On the road side, Warren Rossiter, senior technical writer for the road, described Zipp’s funky 353 NSW wheelset as “the best all-rounder I have ever tested,” while noting that the 303 Firecrest model less expensive might be a better option for most punters.

There was yet another new bike announced for the gravelistas on Tuesday. This time it was Wilier, with his Rave SLR. Exceptionally, it straddles the line between road biking and gravel biking and is “unabashedly high end, with superbike prices to match”.

For those who want high value for money from their mountain bike, Specialized has announced its Stumpjumper Evo Alloy 2022. Carbon is cool, after all, but the alloy is still a great material for performance bikes, especially. for those who buy on a budget.

Now let’s take a look at some of the latest tech to land at BikeRadar headquarters this week.

Endura GV500 gravel kit

The Endura GV500 Reiver Bib Shorts have plenty of storage pockets.
Simon Bromley / Immediate Media

Endura recently expanded its line of gravel-specific cycling kits, adding a number of parts designed to deal with the coming colder and wettest months of the year.

Developed in collaboration with James Hayden, two-time winner of the Transcontinental Race (an ultra-endurance bike race across Europe), Endura’s GV500 range focuses on compactness and simplicity.

Designed in Scotland, the GV500 range underwent its fair share of inclement weather testing before release and Endura believes the range can withstand anything the avid adventurer can throw at it.

Endura GV500 waterproof jacket

Endura’s GV500 waterproof jacket was designed and tested in Scotland.
Simon Bromley / Immediate Media

The fit of the clothing is “slim but not too sleek”, reflecting the more relaxed attitude that many gravel riders now lean towards.

Being a very lucky boy, Endura sent me a whole box of samples from the new range;

  • GV500 Reiver bib shorts: £ 119.99
  • GV500 Reiver short sleeve jersey: £ 89.99
  • GV500 waterproof shorts: £ 84.99
  • GV500 Foyle Baggy Shorts: £ 79.99
  • Foyle Tech GV500 T-shirt: £ 59.99
  • Insulated jacket GV500: £ 149.99
  • GV500 waterproof jacket: £ 159.99

I’m hoping to get a gravel bike as a long-term review bike for 2022, so hopefully I’ll have all the gear and no idea soon.

PRO Vibe Aero Alloy Pursuit Handlebar

PRO Vibe Aero Alloy Pursuit Handlebar

PRO’s new Vibe Aero Alloy Pursuit handlebars are designed for aerodynamic efficiency.
Simon Bromley / Immediate Media

Handlebars are one of my favorite topics, especially narrow handlebars designed to improve your aerodynamics.

Following the trend, PRO recently updated its range of aero road handlebars, adding the Vibe Aero Alloy Pursuit handlebars to its lineup.

It sits alongside its more expensive carbon cousins, the £ 299.99 Vibe Aero Carbon and £ 599.99 Vibe Evo handlebars, but fetch a more palatable price of £ 99.99.

The reason for the price drop is mainly due to its alloy construction. Considering its aggressive aerodynamic shape, however, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was also made from carbon fiber like its more expensive siblings.

Available in relatively narrow widths of 36cm, 38cm and 40cm, the Vibe Aero Alloy Pursuit handlebars feature 10 degrees of flare to drops and 12 degree forward sweep to cowl position. All aimed at promoting an aerodynamic driving position.

Our 36cm size sample weighs 318g, which is 12g below the claimed weight of 330g.

  • PRO Vibe Aero Alloy Pursuit: £ 99.99.

Spider for Sigeyi AXO power meter

Spider box for Sigeyi AXO power meter

Sigeyi’s AXO Power Meter Spider is aimed at the end of the budget market.
Simon Bromley / Immediate Media

The Sigeyi AXO is a spider-based power meter for the most economical market.

Priced at an attractive £ 329.99 and impressive specs on paper, the AXO Power Meter seeks to challenge established brands like Quarq and Power2Max.

Sigeyi claims that the AXO is accurate to +/- 1% and has an internal USB rechargeable battery with a runtime of 300 hours.

The spider itself weighs only 110g and has real-time temperature compensation and an auto-zero function. It also has an IP67 waterproof rating.

This spider is designed for Rotor Aldhu cranksets (both aluminum and carbon) and 110 BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter) four-bolt chainrings, although Sigeyi also makes compatible power meter spiders for a range of cranksets. and BCD compatible with road and mountain biking.

I’ll be putting it to the test over the next few months, to see if it can earn a coveted spot on our list of the best power meters.

  • Sigeyi AXO power meter: £ 329.99

Topeak Babyseat II and Babyseat II luggage rack (disc)

Topeak Babyseat II and baby carrier II (disc)

The Topeak Babyseat II and Baby Carrier II (Disc) allow you to transport small people (and Ikea plush toys) by bicycle in a comfortable and safe way.
Simon Bromley / Immediate Media

If you have a child and want to transport it on a bike (because bikes are great) you will need a child seat.

Topeak’s Babyseat II and Babyseat II (disc) racks cost £ 169.99 and mount to the rear triangle of rim and disc brake bikes.

The Babyseat II rack mounts to standard rack brackets, and a smart quick-release system means the seat itself can be mounted and removed from the rack without tools.

Topeak Babyseat II and baby carrier II (disc)

The Babyseat II has an enveloping structure that offers additional protection compared to more open models.
Simon Bromley / Immediate Media

Once the Babyseat II is removed, the luggage rack then functions as a standard bicycle rack, meaning you can fit panniers and the like to it.

It features a wrap-around seat structure that offers increased protection compared to standard child seats. Up front, there’s also a built-in roll bar for extra head protection, and the Babyseat II even has a suspension system for a smoother ride.

Topeak Babyseat II and baby carrier II (disc)

In addition to an integrated suspension, the Topeak Babyseat II features an intelligent quick release system, which allows the seat to be quickly installed or removed as needed.
Simon Bromley / Immediate Media

Although I couldn’t test the ride quality myself (for obvious reasons), my son gave it his seal of approval by quickly falling asleep as we drove to the nanny’s house.

  • Topeak Babyseat II and Babyseat II luggage rack (disc): £ 169.99

Rule 28 Spectral Jacket and Heavyweight Vest

Although best known for their line of aero cycling outfits (especially their aero socks), Rule 28 recently released a new collection of fall / winter cycling outfits.

With basics like bib tights, long-sleeved swimsuits and winter jackets, two flagship pieces in the range are the Heavyweight Vest and the Spectral Jacket.

Rule 28’s heavyweight vest costs £ 79.99 and combines a padded windproof chest with a super stretchy waterproof back. As with any gilet, it can be worn over a mid-weight long sleeve jersey on days when a full jacket would be too warm, or over a winter jacket on days when you need even more. protection against the cold.

The Spectral Jacket is so called because of its water-resistant glass microsphere fabric, which reflects a range of colors whenever a light is turned on.

In theory, this should help improve your visibility in low light for other road users. During the day, it is also slightly more discreet than standard hi-vis clothing.

  • Rule 28 Heavyweight vest: £ 79.99
  • Rule 28 Spectral Vest: £ 124.99.

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