EDDIE & Bad Disk Stun on ‘Electro Forever’


EDDIE & Bad Disk stun on ‘Electro Forever’ with a new take on a classic sound released on mau5trap.

‘Electro Forever’ echoes the same sentiments in its name as it does in its sound, which is made up of fundamental electro house notes and big funky disco rockets. This catchy and alluring track is the third and final single from No Mana’s upcoming album. Electromag compilation and seems to have been just as much fun to create. EDDIE declares, “It’s a rare form of electro house on my part in particular… we decided to go for a fun groove above all for this album. By working alongside the future talent Bad Disk on ‘Electro Forever’, take advantage! “

The track starts with the rhythm up front, hot and heavy, and sets the stage for a sultry rhythm. Slowly, the synths build behind it, finally overtaking the texture, before smoky tones creep in by it. The first blackout raises the suspense and draws in the drop, which is also thick, frothy and satiating. As the track progresses the beat becomes more and more catchy, with modern laser sounds vibrating the transitions and subtle vocals that create a sexy vibe. It’s best to be blown away in some neon clubs as well as any ice rink, especially on the night of the 70s; the disco flavors are not overwhelming but they certainly go to the end.

While producer No Mana admits his Electromag compilation started out as a joke, it is undeniable that electro house is not only popular but will remain so for the foreseeable future. No Mana says, “This started out as a joke between EDDIE, Bentley Dean and myself to poke fun at the nostalgic electro house (mostly overkill releases of compilations and those ripped off YouTube). Now I think the joke has gone a bit too far; but we will go the extra mile. It’s in our tempo, our bit rate and the pathetic size of our crowd… 128 is the number of the beast.

Electromag debuts on September 10 and stars Tommy Trash, Wolfgang Gartner, James Egbert, Bentley Dean and more. But first, be sure to check out “Electro Forever” below.

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