Dual boot Windows 10 and pop OS on separate storage drives


As a warning, if you have a UEFI system, you should know that Pop OS needs a larger ESP partition than Windows creates. You have 2 choices here (on a UEFI system). Install Windows on one drive and Pop OS on another, and you won’t have to worry about that. If you want to keep your current configuration as is, here’s what you need to do:

1. Boot into Pop_OS installer first. Go through the installer, but rather than installing, choose the demo mode.

2. Open GParted and choose your disk in the top right.

3. Go to Device > Create Partition Table

4. Choose gpt and click apply

5. Right click the unallocated region > New

6. In New Size (MiB), type 500 and in File System, choose FAT32 and click Add


7. Click the green tick at the top > Apply

8. Right click on the new partition you just created > Manage Flags

9. Check esp (which should remove msftdata and automatically check esp and boot)

10. Close gparted and now shut down the computer

Now we will install Windows

1. Boot using the Windows installation USB drive

2. Go through the installer and when it asks if you want to upgrade or do a custom install, choose Custom

3. Choose the unallocated space and let it go through Windows Setup


4. Go through the installation, then configure Windows

We will now install Pop_OS. But first, restart Windows

1. Press Windows + X > Disk Management

2. Right click on your C drive > Shrink Volume

3. Type the space you want to give Pop OS in the “Enter the amount to shrink” field

4. Look at the partitions and you should see Unallocated

(Also disable fast startup: https://www.howtogeek.com/243901/the-pros-and-cons-of-windows-10s-fast-startup-mode/ )

1. Boot to Pop OS USB Disk

2. Go through the installer but choose Custom (Advanced)

3. At the bottom left, choose Modify partitions

4. It will open GParted. Choose the right drive again

5. Right click on Unallocated > New

6. For File System, choose ext4. Apply it and click on the green tick

7. Change the drive to the drive where you want to create the home partition.

8. Format it as GPT and create another ext4 partition on this drive.

9. Finally, close GParted

10. Click Cancel Installation, then click Custom (advanced) again to refresh the screen.

11. Choose the partition you created on the boot drive and check “Use partition”

12. In Use as: Choose root /

13. Click on the first partition on the boot drive, then click “Use Partition”

14. He should choose Use as Boot (/boot/efi)

15. Choose the partition on the home drive and click Use Partition again

16. In Use as, choose Home (/home)

17. Finally, choose Erase and Install (don’t worry, as long as you’ve selected the correct partition, it won’t erase your Windows installation)

18. Go through the installer (to set up the account) and let it install

To switch between Windows and Pop OS, keep pressing the space bar when you start your computer. It will give you the option to switch between Windows and Pop OS

You now have a dualboot system. You might want to use the time fix as Windows and Linux use a different way of representing time (local time vs UTC) which some Linux distros like Ubuntu can fix automatically, but for Pop OS it has to be done manually (or you can make Windows use local time). Here are the instructions for that: https://www.howtogeek.com/323390/how-to-fix-windows-and-linux-showing-different-times-when-dual-booting/

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