COABE appoints Sharon Bonney as first CEO


WASHINGTON, May 8, 2019 / PRNewswire / – The Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE), the leading national advocate for adult education, has appointed its first CEO Sharon Bonney, which raised the profile of the organization and increased its membership to nearly 18 times what it was in 2009.

Bonney will assume the new position July, 1st, in transition from the position of Chief Executive Officer that she held within the organization since July 2015. In the new role, she will be responsible for growing and diversifying COABE’s funding sources and sponsors, while improving her relationship with her longtime supporters. It will also focus on establishing adult education as a gateway to higher education and employment, working to change the perception that adult education only leads to equivalence. high school education.

“Sharon has a long history with COABE and, as a forward thinking leader, she has played a very important role in the evolution of the organization,” said Kaye sharbono, president of COABE. “She not only has an in-depth knowledge of adult education issues, but she has a tremendous passion for ensuring that adult education providers are equipped with the best practices and tools they need to deliver services. on a larger scale and that America has the capacity to meet the needs of every citizen who needs a helping hand out of poverty. “

The time has come in adult education – and in the life of COABE – to appoint a general manager, Sharbono said. Adult education is maturing with new approaches to service delivery; increase brand exposure and best practices; build new relationships and engage other communities on the ground.

“I am honored to be named the very first CEO of an organization and cause that I love,” said Bonney. “COABE has made great strides in raising awareness of adult education and its importance to families and entire communities. There is still a lot of work to be done to raise awareness and increase funding to ensure that more people have access to quality programs. I can’t wait to work. with the Council, our members and our partners on these efforts. “

Bonney began her career with COABE as a part-time administrator in 2009, climbing the organizational ladder as she demonstrated unprecedented commitment to adult education. Bonney has helped advance the organization on several fronts, including leading efforts to grow it from a group of 1,300 members in 2009 to 23,000 active members in 2019.

She was the guiding force behind the design and implementation of a new national conference model; develop new state, national and workforce partnerships with more than 100 organizations; rename the COABE research journal and a related research-to-practice initiative; and the design of all new professional development offerings, including webinars that engage over 18,000 members. Bonney also developed the internationally renowned, six-time award-winning Educate and Elevate public awareness campaign, which brought much-needed visibility to the value of adult education and sparked more than 106,000 contacts with legislators at the various levels. local, state and federal. These efforts have resulted in a $ 35 million increased funding for adult education. Additionally, Bonney diversified and increased the organization’s revenue streams.

COABE supports teachers and administrators who work with adult learners by providing knowledge, professional development and information through an online repository packed with resources, ranging from lesson plans to best practice research, publication in journals, webinars and an annual virtual conference that attracts approximately 10,000 participants. COABE also hosts the premier conference on adult education, which has over 2,000 participants and over 400 concurrent sessions featuring expert presenters associated with all areas of the field.

Contact: Kaye sharbono, Chairman of the Board of Directors, COABE
Telephone: 318-348-4221

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