Cherry Republic’s first product from 2021 Cherry Crop hits store shelves


It’s a product that goes from the farm – to the pot – in just a few hours.

The first product of the 2021 growing season for Cherry Republic is now ready for deployment. With crews in the orchard Tuesday night and in the processing center Wednesday morning, they work hard to bring the freshest ingredients to the public.

Cherry Republic President Bob Sutherland shouted outside a full store in Glen Arbor, calling everyone’s attention. “We have our first product made with our 2021 cherry crop. This was picked last night, shipped to our factory and made into jam. It’s a statutory holiday here in Cherry Republic. This is our first product of the year!

The announcement was greeted with cheers, and even a small flurry of activity up to the exhibit table. Sutherland says it’s an unofficial holiday for Cherry Republic. “It’s a bit in the French tradition, they will make a new wine and it is the first wine of the year. So we started five years ago making a new cherry jam, which is also our first product of the year.

The “Conserves Montmorency Nouveau” are a product based on the cooperation of Mother Nature. “We didn’t have a big harvest, but the harvest we had was great. Fleshy and very ripe Montmorency red cherries, ”says Sutherland. “This year is even more significant because it is a light harvest. There won’t be a lot of product with that.

Cherry Jam RepublicThis means that this is a very limited edition. “We only make 5,000 jars of this jam.”

In some ways, this is a very quick process – it starts the night before you remove the cherries from the tree. But it’s also a very laborious process to get them into stores. “These guys in the orchards are working 12 to 14 hours a day right now. These are the little heroes of the summer, ”says Sutherland.

From the orchard – to the processing plant – Sutherland says “they started at 6 am to get things done… very fresh.” And a few hours later, the hot ticket still arrives hot on the shelf.

Cherry Ambassador Molly Daly works out of the Glen Arbor store headquarters. ” Today is a big day. Today is the day the new cherry tree arrives. They come from the trees and it’s exciting. Because the jam is still hot. The cherries are right next to the tree, ”says Daly. Sutherland adds, “It’s still hot and it hasn’t fully taken. It is unique. How often can you go to a grocery store or anywhere and have something still hot from the kettle? “Cherry Republic Truck

The first stop is Cherry Republic’s headquarters in Glen Arbor. Then to Traverse City and Charlevoix – and the jam will be shipped statewide by the end of the week. Daly says customers love it – and notice the warmth when they bring it to the checkout. “They say ‘this jam jar is still hot! Wrap it up to keep it warm! ‘ “

And like many cherry products, it has many uses. Daly says, “I love it not only on toast, I love it on ice cream. It’s delicious… you can’t resist. For Sutherland, “it’s like a pie in a jar”.

The 17 oz. the jar sells for $ 12.95. Learn more about Cherry Republic in By clicking here.

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