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It’s time to celebrate!

Usually filled to the brim with festive gatherings of friends and family, this year will be a little different. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and our rising hospitalization rates, it is recommended that everyone celebrate their favorite in-person festivities only with members of their household.

While virtual gatherings might not elicit the same sense of joy as previous gatherings, you can make the holiday festivities just as fun.

Organize your own virtual gathering.

Using your favorite video chat platform, invite your friends and family to share a meal, open gifts, or chat over dessert.

Try to take all the usual family traditions and make them virtual. Whether it’s decorating cookies together or singing songs, take part in a virtual call and bake and sing together!

Several streaming platforms also offer evening savers – consider hosting a vacation movie with your loved ones.

Look for virtual celebrations.

A quick online search for virtual holiday celebrations (eg “celebrate Hanukkah virtually” or “celebrate Christmas virtually”) will yield many results on ways to participate in community events and events across the country! From tree and candle lighting to virtual carols and church services, there is something for everyone.

Make your home a winter wonderland.

Make the most of the time spent at home and decorate it as you wish. With events normally scheduled to celebrate canceled this year, make the most of the extra time at home and decorate the rooms!

Bake for the holidays.

Every year it seems like there aren’t enough weekends to do all the activities, tours, and baking we’d like. This year, with fewer commitments, that can mean more pastries! Bonus points: wear a mask while cooking, wrap the treats and deliver them to neighbors, family and friends.

Practice self-care.

Self-care plays an important role in our lives throughout the year, but especially during the holidays, it can be essential in helping to reduce stress and stay on track. To verify advice from Natalie Robertello, MS, RD for healthy techniques to get you through the holidays.

Go outside.

Take a tour with your household through the neighborhood to see all the festive lights. Play holiday music, roll down the windows and make it a singing event while you drive.

Or try decorating a tree outside. Bundle up, stay socially aloof, wear a mask and decorate any tree in your garden! Have the households take turns climbing up the tree to place ornaments. Pro tip: make it a festive bird feeder tree! Having a tree with edible ornaments will not only be a pretty presentation, but will attract feathered visitors every day. Click here to learn how to create your own.

Look for the appropriate events for COVID-19.

Especially at WNY, many organizations have turned traditional vacation experiences into COVID-safe events. Consider those that provide sufficient social distancing, little or no contact with shared objects, and proper masking. Remember to bring hand sanitizer with you for such events.

Try to give back.

Donate to your local food bank, fundraise virtually for a good cause, or donate your time to a local organization.

This year, giving back can include where you shop or eat. Support local restaurants and businesses by buying gift cards if you can, ordering take out, or picking them up from the curb.

You can still bond and share joy this season, even if you are apart.

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