Berks-Based Boscov’s Takes Action To Ensure Shelves Are Stocked In Case Of Supply Chain Issues | Regional News from Berks


A supply chain reaction, as countless sea containers pile up in ports on all sides of the United States.

Freighters importing products are congested, with some ports having to operate 24/7 for weeks.

US retailers are trying to reassure customers, including the Berks-based leader of Boscov’s.

“In anticipation of this problem, we certainly took orders early,” said Jim Boscov, CEO of Boscov.

Boscov says his store will not be as affected by the crisis as the big department store chains.

“We are 49 stores here, it’s a pretty good size but it’s nothing compared to some of the behemoths in the industry. If you need a million of something from one supplier, that’s a lot. harder than if you only need 10,000, ”Boscov said.

The Exeter Township-based department store chain says it started noticing the problem in its early days.

“We’ve seen freight rates go up, we’ve heard about potential issues with containers in the wrong place and ships out of the water. We’ve been working very proactively because we have a good group of people who know what. do, “Boscov said.

With a holiday shopping season looming, Boscov says his stores are ready.

“Yes, everything will be fine, everything will be fine and we will make sure our customers are happy and satisfied,” Boscov said.

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