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You can’t think of an electric as a gas scooter that can be parked with only a quarter-full fuel tank. A mental note should be made to charge the battery on time and to make sure not to charge if it is not needed.

If I am asked today if I know of all the electric two-wheelers available in our market today, I should answer with a categorical “no”. The list is now too long. But before you sit down to determine which one you would buy, you’ll need to consider whether or not you’re ready to live with an electrical device. This is precisely why we brought in an electric scooter to assess what it has to offer. The folks at Batt: RE sent an LO: EV.

To look at, the LO: EV is like any other 110cc gasoline scooter on the market. You could say this is a good thing because it mixes up easily or if you are looking for something very exciting this is not the right place to look. The LO: EV has a good mix of sport and dynamism. Nothing to complain about in this department but the fit and finish, especially on the tuned gear, cannot be too high quality, but a slightly better finish would be more than welcome.

The headlight is LED which looks good and it goes without saying that this is a better proposition for a vehicle that needs to save energy (and therefore one would expect LEDs elsewhere but the turn signals and the rear light are not). The instrument cluster is a seemingly simple but well detailed proposal. Also, there are some accessories like a passenger backrest which is a nice addition if you have to, but it’s really not a necessity.

Now to the point that the title tries to do. On paper, the range of the LO: EV is 60 km. But the goal of this exercise and this article is to look at what it takes to live with an electric. The real world range will be more or less what the manufacturer claims. But to make good use of an electric scooter and enjoy the benefits of electric mobility, the user just needs to put away their charging habits. Also, the actual range will largely depend on usage – if it is driven at full throttle most of the time or if there are gradients involved, the load will drop more quickly.

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You can’t think of an electric as a gas scooter that can be parked with only a quarter-full fuel tank. A mental note should be made to charge the battery on time and to make sure not to charge if it is not needed (or if it is not at least below 45%). It makes sense to own a machine like this at a time when the government seems to have no control over the upper cap in oil prices.

The LO: EV electric scooter serves brilliantly whether the commute is to a nearby office or a short grocery run. Saving fuel on these trips can offset huge bills. On the performance side, the scooter is fast at 45 km / h and braking is required. One thing is pretty obvious that if you buy this product it would be for convenience and not performance. It is light and offers ease of handling. Storage under the seat is sufficient, however, battery access could have been built better than it is.

Batt: RE LO: EV specifications, features and price

Battery type – detachable lithium ferrophosphate (LFP)
Battery capacity – 48V 24Ah
Charger output – 54.6 V 10 A
Charging time – 2.5 hours
Motor type – BLDC hub motor

Front brake – 220 mm disc
Rear brake – 220 mm disc
Front suspension – Hydraulic fork type
Rear suspension – Hydraulic adjustable coilover
Ground clearance – 160 mm

LED headlamp
Remote key
Reverse mode
Anti-theft alarm
usb charger

Starting price – Rs 65,900 (ex-showroom)

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So if you bring one home, it will take some getting used to, creating a habit that keeps the charge in good shape whenever needed. You should know that the battery will discharge on its own if you are not careful. The charging process is rather straightforward with a handy charging cable and adapter. The battery is removable.

Our market expects great potential for electric scooters, as there are companies without any prior expertise in manufacturing electric two-wheelers. This has resulted in a market full of low speed electric scooters that are more or less the same. Most of them offer a long list of features such as geolocation, security alarms, reverse gear and much more. The same goes for the Batt: RE LO: EV which promises comfort, proper braking efficiency, decent range and not to mention profitability (no fuel bills and minimal maintenance expenses) within limits. around town, but also requires a neat and timely schedule for home charging – as any other EV would.

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