Aromatherapy combines the review of the Pure Wellbeing Home collection: candles, oils and diffusers


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Presented in a dark blue recyclable cardboard box with removable adhesive tape, this allows for easy opening and portable storage. Inside is the large, stylish ceramic diffuser with a seamless embossed letter mark. Our tester also unpacked an AC adapter, USB cable, essential oil opener, replacement diffuser head, empty bottle, and six replacement oil hoses, along with an instruction booklet.

Complete with a metal top cover, we noticed that it peels off easily to reveal a main diffusing head – which is an accessory that attaches to your essential oil bottle with an oil hose to diffuse the scent through. . You remove the screw cap from the essential oil bottle of your choice before using the flat disc shaped metal essential oil opener to remove its droplet cap as well. Then resealing the bottle with said diffusion head closed, we put it back into the open slot pointing upwards and clicked it into place. Finally, we’ve also slipped the metal cover off and that’s all you need to do for the setup.

To use the wireless diffuser initially, we had to charge it and did so in the first test. You can still have the diffuser in action without it, but it will be plugged into a wall. It took us 90 minutes to charge the atomizer between the new and fully usable wireless stage, in which case a red light goes out.

We pressed the on-off button to start and saw a soft ring of light under the metal top. You can leave it on or turn it off, but we’re big fans of its softly radiant presence which adds to the comfort. Immediately, the scent begins to release. At this point you can choose using the buttons between standard or boost, and a duration of 30 minutes, one or three hours, after which it stops automatically. The standard mode alternates between 13 seconds of broadcasting and 47 seconds without, for the duration selected.

During this time, the boost mode switches between four minutes of broadcast and six minutes without. The moments of release of the diffusion are marked by a silent roaring noise, not at all disturbing. Because the boost is a fairly strong amount of fragrance, we were advised to use it for 30 minutes at a time and only once a day. Probably depending on the size of your living space, for our small living room, 30 minutes in standard mode was enough to provide enough scent. No more than that and the scent became too much. While working, thanks to its air-compressing waterless technology, the oil disperses in a micro-fine mist that you cannot see, giving a clean feeling to the experience.

Lightweight, easily transportable, and cordless when fully charged, we love the atmospheric, flameless, mess-free, fog-free fast scent option. And when do you want to exchange bottles of essential oils? After lifting the one in situ and reattaching its original lid, we put a fresh diffuser head on our next bottle as previously stated.

For maintenance cleaning, an empty bottle is provided, which we put into the atomizer before turning it on for five minutes in standard mode. Alternatively, rubbing alcohol like the surgical spirit can be used to rinse bottles, brush around diffuser heads, and remove oil residue. A soft, damp cloth works on the body and ceramic disc of the atomizer, then making sure you dry the metal cover with a dry cloth.

Simple to use and maintain, we really appreciate how understandable this luxury room fragrance purchase is. Without a doubt, this is a decent investment, as you also need to purchase a bottle of essential oil. But we felt the price was justified given its user-friendly technology. In addition, the stunning white ceramic stand is also a highly coveted interior accessory, even when not in use.

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