All Ford Day Geelong 2021


AAFTER most of 2020 had passed without any automotive events on the radar, we automotive obsessives yearned for any opportunity to return to the race track, drag strip, or local car for meet our deviant companions. Drooling over perfect paint, huge engines, and nasty wheels in a row just doesn’t feed the soul like walking around ogling shiny metal in person. So when the original February 14 date for the Geelong All Ford Day 2021 struck a blow with the cancellation hammer due to the February instant lockdown, it looked like we were going to miss the biggest Ford rally in the world. southern hemisphere for the first time in 30 years.


However, with the lockdown completed and a revised COVID plan in hand, the AFD team was allowed to proceed with the issuance on a new date in April. They had their work cut out for the event in a month rather than the usual six it takes to put on something this big, but a new venue, the beautiful Eastern Park in Geelong, was secured and more 1,200 cars were pre-registered. for display. While that number is not as large as in some previous years, it was still quite an achievement given the circumstances.

Eastern Park consists of three ovals and several open areas dotted with trees, all connected by tree-lined roads that provided easy access to the club’s 50 separate exhibits. The easternmost oval also contained vendors and food trucks to supply hungry people with tuckers, as well as a display featuring the Windsor-powered ridgey-didge EA GT 351, a research Model T barn and one of Dreamtech International’s BA coupes.

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As anyone who has ever washed their car for immediate rain will know, the success of outdoor auto shows relies on inclement weather that deigns to take a day off. Fortunately, although there were a few drops of rain and the sky was fairly overcast, the 7,000 people who walked or cared through the doors had a pleasantly warm day with little wind.

Once inside the gates, onlookers were greeted by a sea of ​​Fords of all years and all backgrounds, from Escorts to XHs and Mustangs to Model As. Locally made Blue Oval rides certainly reigned supreme. the perch: real racing GTHOs; the G6E slammed; beloved daily drivers; impeccable restorations; and the tough guys on the street / strip. With so many different cars in the mix, everyone could find something to float their boat.

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After everything we threw at them, the AFD team took him out of the park to reorganize and run a show of this magnitude in the short time available; that so many people from all over the country made the trip to be there was the icing on the cake. Who knows what will happen next year, but barring more lockdowns, the 31st Geelong All Ford Day is set to be another heartbreaking spectacle, with the team looking to break through the 1,500 mark.


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There was quite a lot SM cars scattered throughout Eastern Park, as Geelong has long been breeding ground for tough hawks. Darren Schembri’s 1400 horsepower Mental XY Fairmont was on the cover of our April 2021 issue and was parked alongside his brother Jason’s gorgeous XT (SM, May 21)

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Mitchell Wallace’s tidy XP hides a lot of good gear behind its straight turquoise panels, including a Castlemaine Rod Shop rack and pinion front end, Wilwood four-link disc brakes at each corner and a 420 hp Windsor 302ci. . “It weighs less than 1,200 kg and handles really well, so it’s a real driver’s car,” said Mitchell. XP has been in the family for 45 years and was even Mitchell’s daily life for 10 of those

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Victor Koroneos’ Windsor 302 XY Fairmont GS is so rough it still wears the factory paint. The only major part that has been replaced in the last 50 years since it rolled off the production line is the front mat. “I love the Windsors because you can access the spark plugs,” Victor said with a laugh.

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Darren Hapgood has owned his XA since he was 16, 20 years ago. KILRXA uses an Arrow-block 408ci Clevo, a Top Loader and a 9-inch full of Moser goodies, and puts out around 490 hp on rubber. Darren’s choice of vehicle might have something to do with his upbringing: “Dad had an XA Coupe, my sister had an XA Superbird, and Mum used to drop me off at school in a Wild Violet XA.

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It only took Stephan Livera two years to transform his XT from the original white Falcon 500 into the 302 Clevo-powered Teal Glow cruiser it is now. “I liked Japanese stuff growing up, but my old man had a Cortina and I always wanted an old-fashioned Ford,” he said.

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Falcon devotees were deprived of a true ’90s hero when the 351W-powered EA GT project was canned, and the production EBs and EL GTs were much more flabby than many had expected. The concept car, which some astute Ford employees rescued from the chipper, still resides at the Geelong Museum of Motoring & Industry, and has been trucked to Eastern Park for AFD.

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It seems Dick Tierney has a soft spot for blue XMs, judging by his Weiand-blown coupe (SM, July 14) and that Blueprint sedan delivery that he uses as a runabout and parts hauler. The pickup has been completely rebuilt and uses a Vortech blown 5.0L AU pushing 442rwhp through a C10 and a shortened BorgWarner diff

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Michael Taranto’s ’56 two-door Victoria stands out like the proverbial dog with its grim black paint, beautiful red interior and the 30×12 Mickey Thompsons doing their best to squeeze under the rear guards. The firm stance is backed up by a 630hp Clevo from ALIPWR, with 300hp of nitrogen on hand when things need to get really exciting.

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Bob Harrison brought two cars to AFD: his ’53 F100 and his Mk3 Zephyr. The Effy is a recent purchase and runs a 302 Windsor with an AOD trans. Bob has a much longer history with the Zephyr; Having owned it since 1978, he sold it in the 2000s before buying it back almost two decades later. It packs a hot 289, a five-speed manual Celica, and a 9-inch LSD

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Hot rod veteran Norm Hardinge showed up at AFD with his new ’32 roadster. The fiberglass bodywork and new reproduction chassis were installed by Elvis at Rod Bods, and movement is provided by a stock LS1 and T56 straight out of a Commodore. “It’s a six-year build, but it went well,” Norm said.

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Corey Povey brought his super tidy XD Fairmont Ghia with matching 351 numbers and FMX transmission. “I bought it in Cairns in 2018,” he said. “It was rebuilt by a father and his son, who then sold it to me. The only thing I had to do was replace the radiator. I bought it to drive it; I don’t want to park it and not enjoy it “

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This ’64 F100 was parked in 1985 by the original owner, so when Beau Boucher picked it up a few years ago, there was only a hint of rust on the surface. The truck frames with a custom chassis made by Mick’s Speed ​​Shop and is powered by a 351 Clevo, FMX, and a 9-inch four-link rear end

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Tereasa and Paul Roaden’s XH pano didn’t always look so good – it was a six cylinder column change, bench seat car that had driven around Australia. There are plenty of goodies to spot now, including the XH XR8 front and T5 manual, ED XR seats, and the full Sundowner-style roof liner. The old Windsor’s breathing is assisted by a Raptor Centrifugal Loader for significantly increased punch

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Matt Cahoon’s Sturdy Fronted Fairmont GXL holds 950 naturally aspirated ponies. The 440ci small block built by Toca Performance features a Dart block, Yates D3 heads, Scott Cook Air Supremacy intake and steel roller rocker arms, and spins at 8,500 rpm. Although he hasn’t taken it to the Strip yet, Matt is looking for a low 9-second pass.

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Shelby Graham’s XE S-Pack is surprisingly in good condition considering its history. “He was sitting in an enclosure in Albury for 20 years before a companion found him,” she said. “He put a starter and a battery in it and took it home.” The week before driving him to AFD, Shelby replaced the cross-flow and auto with a 302 Clevo and XF T5 transmission.

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Hayden Matthews’ Polynesian Green ED XR6 wagon is the genuine item, although with a 490rwkW SOHC grinder powering a T56 prepared by Mal Wood, it packs a bit more oomph than the factory offered. Hayden ran a PB of 11.2 at the 2019 Drag Challenge with less horsepower, so with a new double-plate ceramic clutch fitted, he’s looking for a much lower number.

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Peter Georgey has owned this nasty little escort for seven years and loves to have fun around the corners on the weekends. Disassembled, caged and configured for tarmac rally use, the Esky uses a 160 hp Pinto mill and an English LSD with 4.11. “I’m building a 2.0L Zetec for this which should be good for 230hp,” said Peter.

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Simon Andrus just completed a four-year rotisserie restoration of his XB sedan and enjoyed taking it to a few shows before it was used regularly on the road and track. Under the hood is a Clevo 393ci supported by a C10 and a four-link rear end. “My brother is a mechanic and he helped me a lot with the construction; we did most of it at home, ”said Simon

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