Adult learners at Newbury College enjoying the benefits of distance learning


Watercolor lesson from Jeanette Coles via Microsoft Teams at Newbury College in Berkshire. Image: Newbury College

Mature students enrolled in drawing and painting classes at Newbury College in Newbury, Berkshire, enjoyed the benefits of their class, even with the move to online delivery through Microsoft Teams.

Art tutor Jeanette Cole said, “My students and I fully appreciate the benefits of using the platform which is excellent for facilitating teaching and learning. There is a lot of social interaction during each lesson which continues on the online forum throughout the week. ”

The online platform made it easy for people to catch up if they missed lessons by accessing the chat for a recording of what happened in each lesson. Students can add their artwork to the group as well as access additional resources uploaded by the tutor, and the group discussion provides a forum for tutor and peer feedback.

One of the participants, Maria Muir, said: “I was surprised at how successful it was to participate in an online art class. Once I established my home workspace and familiarized myself with the platform, I found that I could easily engage in teaching and benefit from interacting with others. course participants. It has been really nice to continue with art classes during this difficult time and the restrictions of the pandemic – I would recommend it.

The rocks of Yvonne Arnott’s waterfall. Image: Yvonne Arnott

Student, Helen Paler, said, “Using Teams for the art class has made the classes accessible for me. I was working away from home when the course started, so I’m grateful that I can still attend. We always manage to interact with each other during lessons and in chat and it feels like a warm and supportive environment. ”

Newbury College switched to an online and blended learning offering in March of last year taking a proactive approach to supporting staff and students with dedicated training and developing the necessary infrastructure to support a rapid transition from adult chat site.

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