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Delivering a delicious snacking experience to relive, time and time again, A Fi Me Snacks has been flying off the shelves.

With breadfruit, sweet potato and coconut root (taro) superfood options, thinly sliced ​​and fried to provide crisp and flavorful offerings sprinkled with sea salt, Cajun, sweet and savory, rosemary and sea ​​salt, and Scottish pepper and salt seasonings, among others, it seems nibblers are happy.

This month of June marks the company’s first anniversary; However, the start was purely accidental, confirms CEO Adrianna Bryan, who first dabbled in making breadfruit crisps at a backyard barbecue in 2017. When COVID-19 hit struck and her handmade jewelry business, Exotic Child, began to feel the financial throes of the pandemic, Bryan remembered how much people loved the breadfruit crisps she had made for years. before and decided to give them another try.

“It took me three months after I remembered breadfruit chips to have the courage to do it, but I did,” Bryan recalls. Buying breadfruit and hiring a chef to help with the frying, she asked her father to help her with the early stages of packaging. By creating a social media platform to test the market, she also notes that she gave away a lot of the product to get feedback and start gaining brand recognition.

She credits Simo’s Christina Simonitsch with the company’s first big order for The Commissary, and after that, she says things have started to take off.

A Fi Mi Snacks are now available at CPJ, Grab N Go, Liguanea Drug and Garden Center, Monarch Pharmacies, LFA Country Store, Fresh Approach, General Foods, Butcher Block, Total Gas Station Manor Park, Dayna’s Coffee Barrel, Natural Health Food, Eastern Cuisine and Cannonball Café, to name a few, and the list just keeps growing. Online locations include Caribshopper and Yaahdy.com.

How did she get her products on so many shelves in a year?

“I went out and got down there. Give lots of free samples. Meet people and be persistent, ”she says.

Today, with a staff of five, she explains that it hasn’t been easy to grow her food business and that she takes care of everything from cleaning and frying to maintenance.

“It’s hard work. I’m not only a boss, but I’m also a leader and I’m never too fat to do the dirty work,” explains the former high school Excelsior.

There is no “cat in a bag” purchase for A Fi Mi Snacks consumers, as the clear packaging makes it possible to see exactly what they are getting. As an added incentive, with a notch at the top of the packaging, snackers can simply demolish to create a bowl and, with the addition of their own creative mixes, can cook a meal. Think loaded nachos – but with breadfruit.

Crisps go well with a lot of things, including dips, soups, and salads. You can even explore culinary ingenuity with a tip from Bryan: “mash the fries and coat the chicken before frying”.

With plantain chips set to be added to the offerings, Bryan’s vision for A Fi Mi Snacks is to be a household name, continuing to grow locally but also gain international recognition.

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